Thursday, April 12, 2012

Love Worth Finding would not condemn Masonry

Though I appreciated most of Adrian Rogers' sermons , I have saved on DVD several instances of his seemingly purposeful display of the horned hand . A singer named Mark Horton , ( featured several times on his program) , also discernibly displayed the horned hand while singing on his program . Watching old tapes of Adrian Rogers I discerned another purposeful signal given by him . In one of his Christmas programs , ( in which several demonic triquettas are displayed in the background ) , Mr. Rogers bends down and infers that his hands are mimicking those of Mary's when she picked up Jesus as a baby . He slowly raises them as he turns , pretending to have Jesus in his hands , keeping them together as you did as a child making shadow puppets , froming an eagle flying with the thumbs crossed and palms and fingers forming the wings of the bird . I taped this and watched it many times to ensure I was not reading somthing into his gesture that was not there . He was purposely making the same shadow puppet eagle form I made as a child . The gesture seemed to symbolize a risen Phoenix adored by some Masons ; the resurrecdtion of Babylon and their quest for the rebuilding of Solomon's temple . Speakers do not do this by accident , just as David Jeremiah's demonic inferences of the " Evil Eye " , " Horned Hand " , and Masonic buzzwords do not occur by mistake . ( The word " paradigm " used by Jeremiah is a communist buzzword , as is his Satanic reference to God as a Masonic " Seeing Eye God  " ) . Mr. Rogers had also praised John MacArthur as a good Bible teacher . I still have that on tape . The affable MacArthur sent me his two controversial tapes in which it is clear that he blasphemes God by telling people that there is nothing in Christ's blood that can save anyone . He does this repeatedly in his tapes which he thinks will exonerate him from the allegations that he has blasphemously deemed Christ's blood as useless . That too is another absurd controversy clearly displaying MacArthurs' hatred for the blood of Christ as he smiles and purports that he disseminates the real gospel . On a Sunday network Catholic television program that I think is called
" Sunday Mass " the witch's foot is displayed upside down upon the lecturn . The figure is too similar to the witch's foot to be anything else , though we all know another explanation will be applied , just as David Jeremiah denies the occult stained glass symbol is not an occult red cross ( + ) in the pupil ,  ( similar to Gorbachev's green cross ) , flanked by a couple of x's at the eye's corners .  The Masonic envelope seems to partially appear in this symbol devised to purposely convey two different meanings . It is my understanding that Adrian Rogers , as head of the Southern Baptist Convention , would not condemn Masonry . Love Worth Finding never responded to me regarding my request for his ministry to condemn Masonry .  Though I like a lot of what Charles Stanley says he seems to regularly  clasp his lapels simultaneously . I must wonder whether these ministries condone Masonry as do most others . Many Masons do not understand Masonry's Satanic ideology and do not understand that they are serving Baal while supposing themselves to be honoring Christ .

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