Wednesday, April 25, 2012

David Jeremiah lies about 1000 year reign

David Jeremiah , in one of his heretical sermons , related that Dwight Pentecost , one of his teachers said ;
" ...if you want all the details that are mentioned , there's more information in the Bible about the millennium than any other subject in the whole Bible . "  Even someone who does not believe in Christ could read the Bible for the first time and realize this statement is untrue . Christians know it isn't . Christ's emphasis was about total abstinence from sin by faith in him . Why would someone who says they love Christ make a false
statement like this ? Remember , this man says that no other topic Jesus focused on in his Bible surpassed that for which he came to be cricified for ; sin . For Dr. Jeremiah focusing on 1000 years of Christ's earthly reign , which will be forgotten , is more important than applying the Bible's focus upon the detriments of sin and the rewards for overcoming it by faith in him .

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