Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The New King James version's demonic " Coming One "

                         The New King James Bible’s Demonic “ Coming One “

The list of blasphemous changes in the Authorized version of the Bible is extensive . A couple of pertinent examples are found in the New King James Bible’s Luke 7 : 19,20 , and in Matthew 11: 3 , wherein Jesus is falsely referred to as ‘ the Coming One “ . This “ Coming One “ will be the United Nations’ prayed for antichrist portrayed in the United Nations’ “ The Great Invocation “ that was originally shared by Lucis Trust , which used to be called the United Nations’ “ Lucifer Trust “ .  Alice Bailey , the United Nations’
“ New Age Queen “  was the occult medium through whom Satan prophesied himself to be the “ coming “ antichrist . In her book , “ The Externalization of the Hierarchy “ , Satan spoke through Alice’s demonic guest , Djwahl Khul , these words ; “ The Great White Lodge is the abode of a lesser Avatar who is in close touch with the Christ … the Coming One …the rider on the white horse . “   In her book , “ The Externalization of the Hierarchy , section III , Forces Behind the Evolutionary Progress of the Race , The Doctrine of Avatars , May , 1941 , Satan penned through the U.N. admitted non-existent Mr. Khul ;  “As we enter the momentous month of May this year , I have asked myself if there is any way in which I can arouse the world aspirants and my disciples to a truer appreciation of the immanent significance of the presented opportunity , and also if there is any way in which I can simplify and make more real to you the Doctrine of the Coming One – linked as it is to the teaching of every great religion .. religion has emerged from the realm of the mystical into the clearer atmosphere of the occult… that ( at  major moments of world need ) God reveals Himself Through Appearances , through a Coming One … The antiquity of the achievement of this Coming One is to be found in the name applied to him , which is found in so many of the world Scripture . “

John Nelson Darby , another false teacher and corrupter of God’s word also anticipated Alice’s false Christ , “ the Coming One .” There are a few websites that quote his heretical beliefs hopefully anticipating the antichrist’s arrival in Jesus’ stead . Darby’s blasphemies are numerous and easily discernible . David Jeremiah , whose Wiccan hand gestures exemplifying witches’  “god “ and  “ goddess “ poses , and his blatant “ Eye of Horus “, (which upon close scrutiny appears to contain the Masonic apron as well as a Bible verse referencing “ light “ ) , and his other Masonic references to God as a “ Seeing Eye God “ , also accepts the demonically inspired New King James version , as do all of the Trinity Broadcasting Network’s plethora of preachers .  

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