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Progressive PIlgrims Still Mimic Marx

                                    Progressive Pilgrims Still Mimic Marx

Communists new and old have stated that early Christianity was a form of socialism. Committed lifetime communist Mikhail Gorbachev stated that Jesus would have made a good communist . Blatant lies like these had long ago flowed from the cesspool of communist propaganda still contaminating churches’ no longer healing waters today . Georg Hegel , Karl Marx and Frederick Engels used sleight of tongue in their dialectical mesmerisms prevalent today , comprising most of the church doctrine in today’s global groves of dead  trees posing as Christian houses of worship . Cultivated by the Green Cross International , husbanded  by the lifetime committed communist Gorbachev , their death from the roots up is apparent .

In one of their mutually exchanged 1,600 correspondences socialist Frederick Engels revealed his contorted understanding of the book of Revelation to Karl Marx . His heresy in that letter continues to remain prominent under the guise of Christian doctrine yet today . Communists and non-communists agree that Karl Marx ’  greatest influence was Frederick Engels . Engels co-authored the Communist Manifesto and he also edited Marx’ Das Kapital . Marx relied heavily upon Engels’ judgment to the very last . Marx studied the Jewish Talmudist  Spinoza . Spinoza’s godless , blasphemous philosophy of the 1600’s  was essentially the basis of modern day socialism . Communists revere him . He denied God , truth and morality . He believed in the green nature worship espoused by the United Nations and Mikhail Gorbachev who desire a new world religious paradigm long heralded by subversive weeds posing as enlightened glistening emerald prophets .  Spinoza’s successor ,  Hegel , the German philosopher who lived from 1770 to 1831 , claimed his godless philosophy to be superior to Christianity , thus worshipping and serving the creature more than the Creator . Today’s all encompassing communist one world government  is primarily based upon Hegel’s blasphemy .

Hegel studied theology , as did Darwin and other notable communists . He graduated from Turbigen Germany in 1790 . His writings and lifestyle clearly display his rejection of Christ . He studied  Imanuel Kant who said Christian orthodoxy must be able to be “ reasoned “ , and , that Jesus taught a “rational morality … adapted to the reason of all men “ . It is easy to see how communist propaganda has enabled the pervasive false Christianity to proliferate with men who deem themselves “ reasonable “, but whose hearts are uncircumcised . Hegel accepted  Kant’s lies , spreading his blasphemy by reinterpreting the gospel as did Thomas Jefferson who rejected  Jesus’ deity . Hegel stated , the spirit of man , his reason , is the candle of the Lord . Hegel was referring to the unsaved man . His demonic faith was the faith of “ Reason” , excluding God , depicting Judaism before Christ as  “ unlovely “ compared to life of the ancient Greeks whom he adored . He promoted an earthly “ Kingdom of God “,( as does the socialist controlled United Nations) , comprised of those who “ rise above the tension  (of life)  in moral experience between inclination and reason’s law of duty , for the law is to be  “ fulfilled in the love of God wherein all tensions cease and the believer does God’s will wholeheartedly and single mindedly “. This is the philosophy of Masons , communists , Theosophists , socialists and pseudo-Christian  Dominionists who have promulgated the similarly universal godless philosophies of  Spinoza , Hegel , Marx and Engels . Disregarding  Jesus’ authority, they use his words , supplanting their own rituals and codes of righteousness , establishing their own contrived new world paradigm which will enable men to “do God’s will wholeheartedly “. These enlightened avatars have interpreted , and are continuing to interpret God’s will for the mass of humanity , posing as benefactors with superior reasoning powers . They will eventually be recognized as the antichrist’s ten toes .

Hegel’s work was based on the godless works of Plato and Aristotle . His so- called “faith” was obviously not Christian , though he spoke of belief in a supreme being , as do the Masons and all other religious cults .  He said you can know the truth without knowing Jesus who said he was the Truth . Hegel said his philosophy   “tears away the veiled imagery of truth “.  It’s funny that liars like himself and the Theosophists always tried to find  “another way “ to go “ behind the veil “ which Christ ripped from top to bottom upon his death .

Hegel’s philosophy tells men of  “ Reason” that without Christ they can know God , seeing all things in God .This is the pantheistic occultism of the United Nations’ one world synchronicity of all religions photosynthesizing all life to green under their own fabricated global heat lamp long ago proven fraudulent .( When Jesus destroys the earth by fire before he creates the new heaven and new earth they will see the real “ global warming “ ! ).  Hegel saw God as pure “ thought “ , pronouncing man’s godless “self-knowledge”  as superior . He believed man could eventually become good by self-improvement , which is blatantly unbiblical , but ostensibly Masonic and socialist .

His supposedly brilliant dialectical process of aberrant reasoning is nothing more than dealing with the devil ; something even angels know better than to do . With good words and fair speeches men like him deceive the hearts of the simple . The devil loves nothing more than engaging humans in conversation . Hegel’s dialectic always “ compromises ” on a newly formed mutual understanding after each party has revealed his argument or position . The agreement always ends in Satan’s favor,  as that reached with Eve in the garden when he beguiled her with “ Reason “ that purportedly surpassed her own and her Creator’s . Hegel actually claimed to have known God’s mind better than God did himself , articulating that he understood God’s thought processes “ before the creation of nature and finite spirit “. He also stated that ; “ Thought ought to govern spiritual reality “ .

Karl Marx was an ardent student of Hegel . In Andy Blunden’s transcription of  “ Marx and Engels On Religion “  on the internet , Hegel’s continuing subversion of Christianity is revealed in Engels’ letter to Marx pertaining to the book of Revelation . On page one Engels infers that earth’s unsaved masses are endowed with a “ sacred spirit “ . He said ;  “ the first Christian communists were…rather like local sections of the International Working Men’s Association “ . The International Working Men’s Association was one of numerous communist fronts identified as such by our government long ago . Communists and socialists do not truly believe in Christ . But Engels was correct on Blunden’s first page , that his pseudo- “ Christianity got hold of the masses , exactly as modern socialism does “. The only way modern socialism got hold of the masses was through strategically planned fifth column assaults primarily in the churches as government documents reveal . He also inferred that all churches need be opposed to the Biblical “powers that be “, which is …unbiblical .

Engels is correct on page two when he says the book of Revelation is the clearest book of the whole New Testament. In this book Christ reveals the premise , the characters , and the chronology fairly clearly . False teachers like Rick Warren tell people not to study the book of Revelation . Warren lies when he says the details of Jesus’ second coming were none of the disciples’ business , ( p 285 , Rick Warren’s . “ The Purpose Driven Life “ ). Even Warren’s socialist comrade Engels promoted the study and veracity of wisdom in this book which neither of them understood . Warren , as his socialist mentors , wants Christians to become “ World Class Christians” . These are the progeny of Spinoza , Hegel , Marx and Engels ; the synagogue of Satan .

Engels uses the socialist term “ free love “ on page two . This blasphemous term was utilized by the American socialist John Humphrey Noyes in the 1840’s . Noyes , as other deluded utopians and communists believed in Alice Bailey’s , Mason’s , and Dominionist’s occult theory of a Christless “ Heaven on Earth “ before Christ returns .  Noyes’ “free love “ utilized by the 1840 American Quakers was that promoted by the communists in the 1960’s.

Engels continues on page two saying that Christianity was a revolutionary movement . But God had ordained Christianity from before man’s creation , so , the revolution wasn’t inspired by him . It was God’s adversary who created revolution . Communists still imbue their anti-Christian psychopolitical propaganda with terms employing some idiom of  “revolution” in so-called Christian literature , videos , talk-shows , etc ., so that the unwary will fall for their deceptive rhetoric and become the new progressive revolutionary pilgrims of the new paradigm pointing the way to the imminent, ( but Christless) , “ kingdom of God on earth “.

Engels mentions Philo , the deceptive Alexandrian Jew who said ; “ God does not come into direct contact with the world “.  Philo , as Theosophists Alice Bailey , Anne Besant , and “ enlightened “ European philosophers believed in a “ Logos “ , or “ Reason of God “ called operative reason , attempting to usurp God’s wisdom with that of their own darkened minds . Philo was deeply influenced by Greek philosophy , and Engels called him  “ the doctrinal father of Christianity “ ; a blatant communist lie . He called Seneca the Roman philosopher its uncle . His brainwashing of the unwary continues when he states ; “ Whole passages in the New Testament seem almost copied from his ( Seneca’s ) works “ ; yet another communist lie .

Unwittingly, Engels makes statements neither he nor his communist compatriots believed ;  “… the faithful have been saved by the sacrifice of Christ “, and … “ the death of Christ is the sacrifice which suffices once for all “ . He needed add “ for all who believe “. Engels further reveals his lack of spiritual discernment when he admits how and why Christ saved Christians is completely indefinable .

He implicates himself and his Talmudic communist comrades on page 3 when he quotes Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 , referring to those of their unbelieving ilk as “ them which say they are Jews and are not , but are of the synagogue of Satan “.  The book of Revelation he falsely assumes he understood was in his opinion the only book of the New Testament , the authenticity of which cannot be disputed . Why would Satan make this statement through Engels ? He has a major propaganda power point or two he wants to inculcate that will remain in the churches for centuries to come . Engels also lauds the heretical book of Henoch on page 3 .

His “ enlightened “ Talmudic leanings shine through on page 5 where he remarks about the “ gemiatrihic “ interpretation of letters as symbols for numbers enabling the revelation of the antichrist’s name . He lauds the occult Kabbala and says John the revelator utilized this occult Bible code methodology; yet another blatant communist lie . He says the Talmud helps in deciphering the antichrist’s name . Misled Christians and church planted communist spies have deceived millions in Talmudic exercises of futility regarding this useless search for a non-existent alpha-numeric unholy grail .

Engels speaks of the 42 month , or , 1.260 days reign of terror his communist comrades will employ . He is proud that the International League of Religious Socialists and Christian Communists have a role to play . Christian Communist is an oxymoronic term . Religious Socialists are the earlier Democratic Socialists who were in essence communists . Older dictionaries state that the terms communism and socialism are interchangeable . There is no difference .

On page 4 he describes the antichrist arising in Revelation 13 and 17 . This is nothing more than the result of his and his communist comrades’ Talmudic machinations into which he and his followers fell headlong ; a Biblical booby-trap for others they themselves have hollowed out and fallen into , as had Haman for Mordecai .

He speaks of the beast with seven heads mounted by the scarlet lady whom he says is  Rome , the great city which reigneth over the kings of the earth “.  This is one of the major  power points  Satan intended to deceive Christians with through Engels and myriads of misguided others like him . This is a communist perpetuated lie that the universally used Halley’s Bible Handbook specifically parrots as being the antichrist’s seat on pages 731 and 732  of its 1965 , 24th edition , as well as others . Mr. Halley did not understand the clear Biblical fact that Jerusalem is “ drunk with the blood of martyrs “. Rome and the papacy have been integral factors in the formulation of the United Nations’ new one world religion , but Jerusalem is Revelation’s Babylon . Almost all of today’s well known so-called Christian evangelists have engulfed the heretical bait spawning the worldwide heresy that Rome is  “ the great city which reigneth over the kings of the earth “. On the following pages are the Biblical truths found in trustworthy King James Version Bibles that give hundreds of cross referenced passages revealing Jerusalem as  “ that great city ” , Jerusalem the harlot …the book of Revelation’s Babylon .   



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