Friday, April 13, 2012

David Jeremiah calls Jesus a squirrell

He paints this lie in a childlike vein saying ; " And if you've ever noticed , uh , children think Jesus is the answer to every problem , to every question . I remember the story about a little boy who was asked
in class to describe a little furry animal that climbs up a tree and eats nuts and saves acorns , and he said , it sounds like a squirrell , but I know the right answer is Jesus ... That's how kids think when they grow up in a Christian home . " ... The audience laughs at this . Perhaps after the service some of the parishoners may see a squirrell dash in front of them and giggle and flippantly say , " there goes Jesus ."  No child intelligent enough to know what a squirrell looks like and does is actually going to think that Jesus takes the form of a squirrell . Wiccan children may be taught that , but Christian children are not . Jeremiah's mockery of Christ here is blatant . Incidentally , the definition for squirrel  in Latin was " scirus ( Greek  "skiouros" literally , shadow-tailed ( ski  (a) shadow + ourus , adj. derivitive of  "oura " tail .) Isaiah 9:15 mentions that the prophets who teach lies are the tail . Shadow Mountain is applicable .

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