Friday, April 20, 2012

David Jeremiah wants Christians to become " Radicals "

          Communists And David Jeremiah Want Christians To Think Of Themselves As Radicals

For over 50 years communists have tried to demonize Christ as a “ radical .”  It was Satan who became radical in heaven , not obedient Jesus . The socialist leaning Crouches’ TBN Network falsely portrayed Jesus as “ The Revolutionary . “   This is communist brainwashing 101 utilized by committed communists like Green Cross International Mr.Gorbachev who said that Jesus was the first communist . People who hate Christ spread propaganda like this . In one of his numerous blasphemous sermons Dr. Jeremiah said ;
“ …first of all , we are told that we must make a Radical Decision , say that with me , a  Radical Decision .”  As he says this the Masonic beehive background pattern is obvious . Masons are to be as busy as bees . Dr. Jeremiah continues on , emphasizing his brainwashing attempt saying , “ this is a crucial decision “  and then says again , “ I urge you to make a Radical Decision …we have to make a radical decision don’t  we “, as he makes his Wiccan god pose crossing his arms in the “x” fashion with clenched fists , continuing , saying , “ This all begins with a Radical Decision … this radical decision is … this Radical Decision and this rational discrimination … if we make this Radical Decision and this rational determination . “  As he brainwashes the unwary , in back of him are prominently displayed big letters which read , “ Radical Decision . “  

Biblical radicals are rebels . Christians know the character of rebels and their eternal destiny should they remain so by following deceivers like Dr. Jeremiah and the Trinity Broadcasting ministry of false teachers .

On the internet are examples of a few of the thousands of change agents and authors who called Jesus a
“ revolutionary " , ( a radical in essence ) , as well as a socialist and a communist . Here are just a few of them . Entire libraries could be filled with propaganda like this regarding Jesus’ false “ radicalism . “

In the John Mark Ministries under , “ Jesus the Socialist “ , Mikhail S. Gorbachev is quoted as saying ;
“ Jesus was the first socialist , the first to seek a better life for mankind .”  Gorbachev , the committed communist , was featured on Robert Schuller’s “ Hour of Power “ program . It has been reported that Schuller is a Mason . Schuller’s own words reveal him to be a false Christian .

Early American communist Francis Bellamy gave a speech titled , “ Jesus the Socialist . “ Further help by Masonic type thinkers like this more fervently embellished Masonry’s ideals into American  hearts . Men like this and his “Christian Socialist “ comrades have worked feverishly since America’s conception to make America a socialist nation as England had become by political stealth in the early twentieth century . That is a matter of public record .

Darren Pedigo’s website , “ Jesus Was a Communist ” ,  quotes Hugo Chavez as saying ; “ Capitalism is the way of the devil and exploitation . If you really want to look at things through the eyes of Jesus Christ- who I think was the first socialist – only socialism can really create a genuine society . “

Weekly Worker 525 , a self admitted communist , posted ; “ Jesus : a revolutionary and a communist .” 

John Dominic Crossan wrote ; “ Jesus a Revolutionary Biography . “  He , as did the blind and jealous Pharisees , referred to Jesus as a magician . Mr. Crossan’s revealed disbelief in Christ has been displayed on television often .

Louis Farrakhan called Jesus a revolutionary on the web under the title ; “ We must reflect Jesus the revolutionary . “

Website “ diogenesian discourse “ boasts that  “ communism comes from Torah …Jesus was a follower of the Shammai ( communist ) school of thought at a time when Judaism had become dominated by the Hillel ( capitalist ) school of thought . “

Both the Shamai and Hillel are Talmudic . When the term Torah is used , the Talmud is usually what is being referred to . Jews admittedly accept the Talmud as supreme and generally disregard the old testament .

In his 1961 Miami Florida crusade Billy Graham said ; " Christ is the great revolutionist ." A few seconds later he said ; " God could have spared his Son , but he didn't do it . "  Men like David Jeremiah and Billy Graham continually misinterpret God's word . Christ  was slain before the foundation of the world . The scriptures had to be fulfilled . How could God have spared his Son from the cross ? Adrian Rogers stated this too . I have the VHS tapes to prove what I allege these false teachers have said .  Christ was not a revolutionist . He was an obedient Son , faithful unto death . He revolted against nobody , particularly
Satan . He was never under the devil's jurisdiction and could never have rebelled against him . He is the valiant warrior who fights all our battles for us , but he doesn't do it through rebellion or revolution , but through obedience to his Father .

The " radical " globalist Rick Warren , who wants Christians to become " World Class Christians " was
highly praised by the author George Mair in his book , " Rick Warren , The Most Inspiring Pastor of Our Times . " On page 16 of this book Mr. Mair wrote ; " In the 20th century some rebellious leaders figured this
out . They became known as New Age ministers , and were the first ones to gear religion toward the masses
of unaffiliated members of the population . "  It is obvious to Christians that those New Age ministers were
often commuists dressed up in sheep's clothing , preaching the U.N.'s Masonic agenda from within the church . On page 17 he states that the rebellious and revolutionary attitude of the 1960's was " radical . "
Now that's radical , for a radical to identify radicals as radical ! It is no suprise that Rick Warren was
featured one afternoon by Fox News , giving him a lengthy free commercial under the banner ,
" Purpose Driven Life : Can Rick Warren Change the World . " Warren's new African Catholic friend , then leader of Rwanda , was shown making two separate communist closed fisted salutes in this Rick Warren propaganda . This doesn't suprise Christians who have studied Rick Warren's radical beliefs and major
heresies .

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