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A Novel

                                                    A Novel

He had known for decades the Ashkenazi were surveiling his thoughts and actions, and that they could even predict them with a major degree of accuracy as had their earlier cousins surveilled Richard Nixon during his bid for the presidential nomination . He knew  a decade before it had been announced on television that privacy was gone and that every stroke on the internet and personal and business computers was being tracked by them . He used an older reliable electric typewriter powered by his own personal generator hoping to evade their spying , at least for a little while . Local libraries were spy centers where P.C. work could be downloaded by curious staff . He knew that when the Ashkenazi wanted to be more sure of his plans and actions they utilized their Talmudic Chaldean mental alchemy , though their subversive sorcery proved anathema to them occasionally , making the diviners mad . To these Talmudists he was a threat , as were his Jewish forefathers Abraham , Isaac and Jacob . He knew that anyone with whom he came in contact might be an informant willing to gain favor or silver for betraying his friendship . Judases abounded . He had even worked for the Ashkenazi for a short period , but then , who hadn’t . He was all too familiar with their penchant for deceit and treachery , but continued marching on , knowing God was actually always in control . He knew God’s mandate to submit himself to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake : whether it be to the king as supreme : or unto governors , as unto them that are sent by him for the punishment of evildoers , and for the praise of them that do well , hoping to put to silence the ignorance of foolish men . Foolish men also abounded . He believed Jesus’ commands to have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness , but rather reprove them , for it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret ; those which say they are Jews and are not , but are of the synagogue of
Satan .These Talmudists had plotted Jesus’ , the disciples’ , Paul’s , and the 144,000’s  deaths. The twelve thousand dozed had’t been slain yet , but the welcomed publicity of  martyr’s death was not far off .

Their crypto-Christian spies had always been embedded among Christian laity and clergy . It was easy for him and his Christian brothers to see the control their horned father wielded through  television , radio , seminaries , universities , and governments , and even some of the air they all breathed , their horned father being the prince of the power of the air . Their demonic sibling charismatics had overplayed their hand through perpetual blatant heresies easily identified by true Christians and even unbelievers. Their Masonic brothers were enraged by his actions also . He knew he would have to be dealt with . William Morgan wasn’t the only one their Masonic brothers had murdered . He knew someone who had publicly exposed and condemned the Masons as had president John Quincy Adams . His friend was warned with death not to return to the area ever again . His friend didn’t put God to a foolish test .

He knew that the time of the Gentiles had almost run out because iniquity abounded and the churches were corrupt . He and his brothers had exposed LaHaye, Warren , Graham , Schuller , Hinn , MacArthur, Jeremiah , and scores of other similar heretics endorsing and associating with the occcult TBN ministry ; false apostles , deceitful workers transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ . That’s what Jesus told him to do . It was his duty .   

He had helped reveal their infiltration into American seminaries whose adepts like Harry F. Ward were still revered among duped laity and communist clergy who perpetuated the
socialist engineered social gospel deceptively bound in Biblical truths to make it seem palatable to those with undiscerning tastes .

Only a comparative few like him understood that the antichrist’s seat would be in Jerusalem’s third Temple occupied by a Talmudic Jew who would come in Jesus’ name , pretending to be the real Messiah . Almost everyone accepted the incorrect assumption espoused by universally employed Bible commentaries like Halley’s Bible Handbook which stated the antichrist’s seat to be Rome . The Talmudists had bewitched the people with words , fair speeches , old wives’ tales , Charismania , false healings  and countless other heresies depleting Christian churches of true believers . Now unbelieving Talmudic rabbis celebrated by Trinity Broadcasting System , public television systems , and supposedly private television systems , ( all owned and operated by the Ashkenazi ) , guided the unwary in unheard prayer and Satanic Talmudic orthodoxy opposing Christ’s words while employing them in their deception .

He had exposed the history of the Ashkenazi Jews whose lineage of Japheth traced back
very possibly to Annau in Turkmenistan of about 3000 B.C.  He had revealed Japheth as one of Noah’s three sons , the other two being Shem and Ham . This may not seem so significant except for the fact that some of the names of Japheth’s sons were the Biblical  Gomer , Magog , Tubal and Meschech ; perhaps fathers of the Russian Ashkenazi Jews who spoke Yiddish and secretly plotted to take over the world . He had learned that Ashkenaz was the Hebrew name for Germany , and that German Jews were
literally Ashkenazi Jews whose spiritual foundation was the Talmud and the Kabbalah . He knew they accounted for the majority of the world’s Jews , with the U.S. holding the world’s largest concentration of Ashkenazi Jews . He knew they had been the creators of modern day Zionism and Communism as their own Jewish Encyclopedias unashamedly stated . He knew that they were the major power behind international banking and trade , and that money and even valuable commodities were now only ruses used to deceive people around the world into thinking they actually had some measure of control over their lives . He knew that they were awaiting their false Messiah to emerge from the line of King David ( Isaiah 11:1 ) through Solomon ( 1st Chronicles 22:9,10 ), and that the Ashkenazi antichrist would cause all the world to serve himself imitating God ( Isaiah 11:2) ; that he will be the world’s king  ( Pirkei Eliezer ) who would be wiser than Solomon ( Mishnah Torah Repentance 9:2 ) , greater than Biblical prophets and patriarchs ( Aggadah genesis 67 ) and the world’s most honored king ever ( Mishnah Sanhedrin 10 ) who will orchestrate the building of Jerusalem’s Third Temple ( Micah 4 :1 , Ezekiel 40-45 ) bringing global peace ( Isaiah 2:4 ; 11:5-9 ; Micah 4:3,4 ) to every person and nation who abandon their beliefs to follow Talmudic law , refuting Jesus deity . He warned unbelievers that accepting Jesus as Savior and Lord would be a renunciation of Talmudic Judaism as it was in Jesus’ time , punishable by imprisonment and even death .

He knew they had been planning to identify their false Messiah by DNA analysis through decades of studying Ashkenazi Jews . A Canadian Ashkenazi Jew named Dr. Karl Skorecki had helped to create modern genetic genealogy and had noticed that Sephardic Jews , Kohens like himself , had different physical features than those of Dr. Skorecki . Jewish tradition stipulated that all Kohanim were descendants of Moses’ brother Aaron . Skorecki believed Kohanim should share common genetic markers and retain some resemblances in the Kohan family lineage . The DNA studies focused on the male Y chromosome and the mitochondrial DNA transmitted only through females . It was found in a 2003 Y chromosome study that approximately 4% of Ashkenazi Jews comprised the priestly class of Ashkenazi Levites . The same study showed both Ashkenazi and Sephardic Cohanim had the exact same genetic code that originated 2000 years ago . He knew that Ashkenazi Jews were prominent players in , religion , the media and world politics that had shaped the current one world government they had themselves formed .

Perhaps the Ashkenazi craving for neuro-scientific paradigms regarding brain computer interfacing would  accelerate the arrival of their United Nation’s pseudo- Messiah prayed for by them and their occult brethren . Then again , perhaps through the normal transference of genes of traitorous generations of  the “ coming one  “,  (of the occult New King James version ),  the beast would appear . He and others knew the Second Temple must be rebuilt in preparation for Beelzebub’s occupancy . He surmised it might take several more generations for this to happen . It would take time for Jerusalem to become the world’s capitol as the Bible predicts . He knew watching for the rebuilt  Temple in Jerusalem would be key , as did his adversaries who were plotting to destroy him either financially , or through blackmail , by framing him for an uncommitted  trespass , accusing him of a hate crime , or destroying him physically as had their forefather Karl Marx the destroyer who had murdered millions of his Christian brothers .

He also knew of Jesus warning , “ Take therefore no thought for the morrow ; for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself . Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof .”  He would simply keep plodding slowly ahead as was his custom , planting good seed along the straight and narrow path earlier trodden by men like John Bunyan whose honorable book , “ Pilgrim’s Progress “ had been the Bible’s companion in earlier American settler’s homes . He had met many of Bunyan’s characters in the apostate churches he and his wife had visited for decades , never finding the uncondemned churches of Philadelphia or Smyrna , but always leaving heretical churches with a polite warning of their heresies . Now in these synagogues of heresy the cross on steeples , in front lawns and on facades and doorways leading into tombs filled with dead men’s bones had been replaced by the Ashkenazi star of David , an occult configuration of a six pointed star. The Magen David ( Shield of David ) star’s birthdate was obscure , but it was definitely utilized as a popular magic symbol during the Bronze Age and on Hebrew manuscripts by Jews in the Middle Ages . Scholars had suggested a 12th century Talmudic book referencing it . King David might have rejected it himself , but his name became associated with this symbol displayed on amulets supposedly worn by associates of Judah Maccabee . It was chiseled in tombstones hundreds of years old in Europe . The occult Tetragramatron is featured in the Leningrad Codex dated 1008 ; a Masoretic text . Some of its six pointed examples were in the Second Temple period and were found in synagogues of Capernaum and Kfar Nahum  decorating the capitals .It was also called the Star of Redemption , having six points which signified ; God , Creation , the World , Man , Revelation and Redemption formed by two interlocking triangles . This star was called  “ sociology “ by a Jewish existentialist who attempted to comingle Ashkenazi hopes of the unification of God and Mankind with Judaism’s eternal life and Christ’s eternal way . There was also record of the Star of David found in the 2nd century A.D. having five points within a circle as depicted in old American Air Force emblems and in pentagrams . It was an Ashkenazi artform honoring Ashkenazi hopes of an Ashkenazi controlled world now becoming more evident through international coercion of adherence to the Seven Noahide Laws .

He knew that candles were not to be put under bushels but on candlesticks , so he continued to let his light so shine before men that they may see his good works , glorifying his Father in heaven , knowing he was a sheep among wolves and that if he remained faithful unto death Jesus would give him the crown of life whereby he would finally say , “ O death , where is thy sting ? O grave where is thy victory .”


                                    Chapter One : The Journey Begins

Christian couldn’t help but notice the lava-like flow of Masonic torches pursuing him ; torches held by men obedient to the Ashkenazi Talmud . He continued to follow the straight well lit path Bunyan had chosen leading to the shining city on a hill ; not New Atlantis ONEWORLD AMERICA , but the New Jerusalem soon to come down from heaven after the earth and heavens are dissolved . Fortunately , the Ashkenazi torches disseminated no real illumination for the blind men who wielded them . They always groped in darkness with their backs bent over , clambering , attempting to follow Christian , eventually resorting to their Talmudic radar tracking devices .

As the Pharisees knew Bethlehem would be the true Messiah’s birthplace , ( and many other prophetic facts regarding Jesus life and ministry ) , these modern day Talmudists would know the fleeing Pilgrim would follow the Biblical roadmap , as had Bunyan . His face was as though he would go to New Jerusalem .The Talmudists had  conspired with more than forty mercenaries to lay in wait to kill him , but his nephew had warned him of them so he planned to go not openly , but as it were in secret .

He began his pilgrimage as had Bunyan , without his wife whom the Ashkenazi had helped drive to an early grave . Fortuitously , he would find two others to accompany him on his dangerous spiritual quest . One was of Bunyan’s friend Faithful’s lineage who was given the same name as Bunyan’s 17th century compatriot . Hopeful’s progeny , named for him many hundreds of years later would join the duo, composing a threefold cord not quickly broken .

Bunyan’s pilgrimage portrayed a den’s dream . Pilgrim’s journey portrayed it closely at times . This all too real , but destined journey , became nightmarish at times , not merely because of worldly threats and persecutions , but because of chafing from the burdensome  bookbag of commentaries handed him by worldly wise men to whom he , like Bunyan had listened . The “Christian” world touted these men as leaders . These leaders pointed him back to Egypt and the Ashkenazi lifestyle . Early on he tried to delay judgment about their statements he was sure were heresies . He was reluctant to be critical of the acclaimed scholars at first , because he had respected many of their accomplishments , and because much honor was laid upon them . He finally came to learn seven thousand others had revealed the worldly wise men’s heresies , so he knew he wasn’t alone . If it weren’t for Faithful and Hopeful he would have been .

The trifold pact had met at an apostate church . Each had individually spoken with the misled shepherd , attempting to woo him back to the truth by quoting it to him regarding his major heresies . The pastor remained Stoic , refusing to admit his errors . They had all later related to each other that they had  personally attempted to guide the pastor on to the right path . They all knew that every church each one of them had ever visited in their lifetime espoused at least some form of heresy , but today’s heresies were major . They knew they would have to forsake the assembly of unstable and unlearned men who accepted cunningly devised fables in place of the real gospel . They would face many dangers toils and snares as the old hymn and legacy of Paul had warned . In Christian’s living room they planned their trek to New Jerusalem , not knowing the things that should befall them save that in every city , bonds and afflictions would await them .

Christian had resided most of his life in the suburb of Sustainable , in the county of New Paradigm , OneWorld U.S.A.   Seventy Ashkenazi wise men presided over the old Jerusalem . It was fairly obvious there were ten others in key global villages vying for positions of power able to assist them .The seventy had been planning the reconstruction of Jerusalem’s Second Temple , paid for by the well known Rothschild family now known as Esh . The trio knew the Esh had directed most of the persecution of Christians since the 16th century . It was all but impossible to find pockets of true believers . As Jesus directed , they fled from city to city , experiencing stronger persecution as each day went by .

Christian could not refrain from commenting about the false teacher flaunted by the “ Christian “  and also the pagan world who dogmatically stated a “ Rapture “ would take place before Christ’s return . Tim LaHaye had capitalized on this propaganda designed to make Christians lax about becoming perfect by faith . His contemporaries , Billy Graham and Charles Stanley , and all the T.V. evangelists were duped into the “ Rapture “ deception as well as that of telling Christians they were not supposed to follow after holiness without which no man shall see the Lord . These liars said Jesus didn’t really mean what he said regarding the Biblical mandate to become perfect , without blemish or spot by faith in him .The false church honored the deceivers , dismissing Jesus . Mr. LaHaye also stated that you could still go to heaven if you received the mark of the soon coming beast , making you “”bi-loyal” , putting you in a  “ special category “ . Hopeful chimed in , “ Yes , I remember that liar said men who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads killed themselves , but the book of Revelation says those men with the mark of the beast would be tormented five months and seek death and not find it “. But that was typical of Dispensationalists like LaHaye who could not rightly divide the word of truth . Supposedly even the One World U.S.A. government had given the “ Rapture “ heresy some public credence , bolstering the false churches still more , which was exactly what the Esh had planned . They feigned belief in his lies that there are no additional signs necessary for Christ’ return, and that “ You can trust the Bible to be fulfilled in our time “. Until the Second Temple is rebuilt and the two witnesses appear , I wouldn’t be concerned about Christ’s return in LaHaye’s lifetime .


  Chapter Two : Mr. Facing Both Ways  


Pilgrim had vicariously encountered Bunyan’s modern Mr. Facing Both Ways whom the Esh had gladly promoted , knowing he distorted the real gospel .Though they didn’t believe it , they could still follow the rhetoric as had their Pharisaic forefathers known the scriptures telling of Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem . Billy Graham’s candlestick appeared to burn brightly at first , but later self-extinguished , succumbing to doctrines of demons ; grievous wolves , not sparing the flock by ecumenical seducements and United Nations’ hopes of Satanic “Unity” necessitated by protection from Ashkenazi communism Graham had himself earlier condemned  , but later accepted . Ashkenazi communism’s threat was real at first , but the devil used its intimidation to transfer New Atlantis’ wealth and power into their own hands . They did it by Craft , as usual ; Egyptian Masonic Talmudic Craft . Graham soon condoned the Ashkenazi B’nai B’rith and National Conference of Christians and Jews , fostering a better understanding among all faiths . He had sought the council of Dr. Charles Woodbridge , a noted Church historian and Bible teacher who afforded Mr. Graham this solemn warning ;  “ If you persist in making common cause with those who deny the word of God , and thus minimize the sharp line of distinction between those who are loyal and disloyal to the scriptures , it is my strong opinion that the verdict of church history will be that you will be known as the greatest divider of Christ in the twentieth century .”  And so he was , although the churches were largely apostate by then already . Mr. 20th Century Facing Both Ways had a lifetime association with communist leaders in the New Utopia America’s churches through the Ashkenazi National Council of Churches , and later through their World Council of Churches . His heresies are voluminous and documented . Here are some of them ; He accepted Bishop Fulton Sheen’s worship of Mary , and told Sheen he enjoyed his common commitment to evangelism while telling Fundamentalist leaders he was opposed to Catholicism ;  Graham did not encourage Catholics to leave the Catholic church . Instead he turned to the Catholic church for spiritual solace when ill . He stated ; “ I’ve found that my beliefs are essentially the same as those of orthodox Roman Catholics , for instance “. In 1979 he called Pope John Paul II “ the moral leader of the world “.  He told Larry King that he had wonderful fellowship with Rome , was comfortable with the Vatican , and agreed with the Pope on almost everything . His ecumenism led him to state ; “ I feel I belong to all churches . I’m equally at home in an Anglican or Baptist or a Brethren Assembly or a Roman Catholic church “ . Graham revealed his Biblical unbelief when he stated that people who never hear the gospel may be saved , and that people may know Christ without being conscious of it …” they may not even know the name of Jesus “ .  Graham came to believe hell was not literal , saying that hell’s fire is only symbolic and  “ the fire that is mentioned in the Bible is a burning thirst for God that will never be quenched “ .  He endorsed almost every heretical version of the Bible . His distribution of  “ Good News For Modern Man “ in his ministry spread the gospel of an unbelieving translator , Robert Bratcher , who did not believe that Jesus Christ was God . The twisted version also replaced the word “ blood” with  “ death “ regarding Christ’s atonement . John MacArthur employed this deception in his false ministry also .Graham touted evolution in the “ United Church Observer , July 1996 when he stated ; “ How you believe doesn’t affect the doctrine . Either at a certain moment in evolution God breathed into one particular ape-man who was Adam , or God could have taken a handful of dust and blowed and created a man just like that “ . Graham didn’t like to say the Bible was inerrant because the word inerrant was a brittle divisive word . Graham backed the blatant heretic Robert Schuller who was his front row guest at Graham’s 65th birthday celebration . Graham promoted the Anti-Defamation League , the B’nai B’rith and the National Conference of Christians and Jews in his ecumenical efforts to bolster the United Nations’ One World Church composed of pseudo-Christians , Masons and
witches . He once stated he was “ for the United Nations “. Christians long ago knew it was Satanically inspired . He reversed his earlier true statement regarding Jewish control of America , calling it a “ stranglehold “ during a conversation with Richard Nixon in 1972 . Graham also called the homicidal maniac Kim Il Sung a “ different kind of communist “ , lauding him . When asked by Tony Snow in a television interview of Jan., 2000 , Graham was asked what he thought Jesus would say to him upon his entrance to heaven . The man who told people they could be sure of entrance to heaven because of their faith in Jesus’ blood to cover their sins responded ;  “ When I get there , I’m sure that Jesus is going to say that he will welcome me . But I think he’s going to say : “ Well done , our good and faithful servant “ , or he may say : “ You’re in the wrong place “ .  Graham’s Biblical assurance was either lost , or it wasn’t genuine . Snow was probably amazed at Graham’s response , saying , “ You really worry that you may be told you’re in the wrong place “?  Graham replied , “ Yes , because I have not – I’m not a righteous man ….I’m not the good man that people think I am . Newspapers and magazines and television have made me out to be a saint . I’m not “.  New Christians know they are saints because the Bible tells them they are . The Bible assures them of heaven if they endure unto the end . More than likely his close association with the Masonic Lodge had this affect on him . His list of close Masonic friends is fairly lengthy , including presidents and statesmen . His name was purportedly quickly removed from two websites listing him as a lodgemember of Genesee Lodge No. 174 in Michigan and another  in Louisiana . A 33rd degree Mason named Jim Shaw became a Christian . In his co-authored book , “ The Deadly Deception “ , (1998) , he stated Billy Graham was present at his 33rd degree induction . Graham is quoted praising the Masonic DeMolay , saying ;
“ There are the young people upon which the hope of America’s future rests and DeMolays are part of that group… May God richly bless all DeMolays as they continue their good work  “.  Calling Christ a “ revolutionary “ , Graham said , “ the world is either going to be ruled by unscrupulous men empowered by the devil himself or it’s going to be ruled by men intoxicated with Jesus Christ “ . The Bible says the antichrist will reign with his ten toed foothold near the end of time . The push for Christian men to rule the world will never work, and is Satan’s altruistic carrot , only serving himself . A former DeMolay member said the DeMolay was a “ kindergarten for Satanism “ . He is correct . Perhaps this is why you see world leaders and congressmen and statesmen proudly exhibit the two finger Satanic horned salute , expecting the United Nations / Masonic Lodge completion of their one world government  to be mankind’s salvation . Communists stated they hoped communism to be mankind’s salvation . It will not be , but has been the basis for the antichrist’s reign in Jerusalem . Graham’s attraction to communism continued to grow as years went by . He revealed his acceptance of it when he said “ we cannot go on with the extreme rich and extreme poor “ . This unbiblical thought is communism’s major mantra . Graham said he doesn’t care what churches do just as long as they bring them to Christ . Today’s churches are apostate . People are given a watered down meaningless gospel , yielding only a form of godliness , denying the power thereof . Attitudes like Mr. Graham’s perpetuated this rampant heresy . Graham said in his 1959 Melbourne , Australia crusade that ; “ We’re not even sure where Satan came from …there are hints in the Bible as to where he came from , but we’re not sure about it “ , thus casting  further doubt as to the authority of God’s word which tells you Satan was an angel of light God created who rebelled against him in heaven and was cast down to earth . I am sure of Satan’s  origin and destiny , yet Billy Graham makes you doubt it . In another crusade he said Jesus “ bore our sins “ . He said , “ we don’t understand it , no theologian can explain it all , but in some mysterious wonderful way God placed on Christ our sins “ . Graham attempts to complicate the gospel for would be believers when he says this . It is a lie . From Genesis to Revelation God explains the process of the expiation of our sins through faith in animal blood  sacrifice up to Christ’s blood . He also said in this crusade that “ by faith you receive Christ  , and the word faith means commitment “ . Commitment on man’s part is the Masonic obligation of man to obey God via doctrines of Masonic men . Abraham believed God , but there was no mention made by him of commitment . Commitment on man’s part makes men feel they have something to contribute when they do not . He was close friends with 33rd degree Masons Norman Vincent Peale , Robert Schuller , and Oral Roberts , giving aid to them all . Peale was a liar who did not believe the Bible , yet , Graham said of him ; “ I don’t know anyone who has done more for the kingdom of God than Norman and Ruth Peale , or have meant more in my life--the encouragement they have given me . “ He said the Pope was  “ almost an evangelist because he calls people to turn to Christ , to turn to Christianity “ . When he met with the Pope in 1981 he said they had a “ spiritual time “ (Christianity Today , Feb . 6, 1981, page 88 ). He claimed to have become “ an ecumenical being “ according to U.S. News and World Report , Dec. 19, 1988 . He said in his book , “ Answer to Life’s Problems “, (page 14) ; “ If we agree on the things about which the Bible is very clear , we can disagree on many minor points “ . On page 148 of his , ” Facing Death and the After Life “ , he articulated this heresy ; “ But without faith in YOURSELF AND YOUR OWN ABILITY TO OVERCOME YOUR OWN DIFFICULTIES …there is no
healing “ .       

Billy Graham made an about face while traveling in “ The Way “ , turning the wrong way down the one way gospel street . Esh handlers memorialize him , as they did all evangelists who met their subversive criteria .   

                      Chapter 3 : Faithful Reveals the History of the Unfaithful

The trio traveled together in an antique 1970 V.W. camper converted to run on alternative fuels . Though they knew they would be tracked by satellite and nanotechnology , they also knew that if God be for them who could be against them . They left Sustainable , heading for New Jerusalem in a straight line down the same road Bill Graham had set foot on , but they vowed never to turn to the left or right as he had . While piloting the V.W. , Christian posed this question to his two companions ; “ How much do you really know about the Ashkenazi sophistry that manipulated the churches into academies of socialism which replaced the true gospel “ ?

Faithful immediately answered ; “ Twenty years ago I made an intense study of that takeover . I knew the Social Gospel had replaced the real one . That’s what was preached from the pulpits . Satan’s Utopian deceptions included Nimrod’s and Nebuchadnezzar’s Babel, the Greek philosophies of Atlantis , Thomas Moore’s Utopia , Plato’s socialist Republic and Christian Socialist Edward Bellamy’s American subversion in the 1880’s . From Bellamy on Marxist thought supplanted Christian teaching , just as had Talmudism added to the Old Testament . Many curses will eternally follow men like these who added to God’s Word , for he said that “ if any man shall add unto these things , God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book “ .

Hopeful interrupted  “ My philosophy courses in college never mentioned any connection of Aristotle , Plato ,or Nebuchadnezzar to socialism . I think you might be stretching it a bit “.

Faithful replied , “ No , if you study their works closely you’ll see how Satan worked through men as those God spoke of in Romans . If you’ll hand me that Bible behind you , I’ll read it to you . After Hopeful handed Faithful God’s word to him ; Faithful read ;  “When they knew God , they glorified him not as God , neither were thankful : but became vain in their imaginations , and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise they became fools , and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man and to birds , and four footed beasts and creeping things . Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lust of their own hearts , to dishonor their own bodies between themselves : Who changed the truth of God into a lie , and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator , who is blessed forever . Amen “.  Nebuchadnezzar and his fellow philosophers down through the ages were easily led by Satan to envision man as God . Caesars are good examples , as was Herod with whom God would not share his glory when the people said of him , “ It is the voice of a god , and not a
man “ . God smote him with worms immediately and Herod gave up the ghost .

Faithful continued in his moving lecture hall ;  “ Marx , like Herod mimicked Herod . Like Graham , Marx , of the Ashkenazi rabbinical lineage , had professed faith in Christ . Though it appears Graham’s conversion may have been real , Marx’s professed faith in Christ seems nebulous . Marx was later influenced by the well known “ Communist Rabbi “  Moses Hess who led Marx into Satanism . Marx coveted Herod’s vanity , saying  ;  “ My breast is equal to that of the Creator “ , and , “ I am great like God “. In the 1880’s Walter Rauschenbusch , another traitor who idealized Adam Weishaupt’s Illuminati , ( which became the bedrock of Masonry ) , put man in God’s place . Rauschenbush had said ; If socialism is ever to succeed it can not succeed in an irreligious country . It must start in the churches “ . Oddly , Rauschenbusch had been a Baptist too .

“Hey “ , said Hopeful , “ Watch it , I’m a Baptist “.

Faithful replied , “ I know. The Baptists were the ones I had last noticed to bite the social gospel dust . We all know they’ve pretty much had it . I just hope we can find a Philadelphia or Smyrna church somewhere . It’s really a miracle we heard the gospel inside the walls of any One World American churches “.  With the Bible still in his hands he turned to the applicable passage and read aloud ; “ Some preach Christ even of envy and strife , of contention , not withstanding , whether in pretense or in truth Christ is preached “.

Faithful hesitated , then said , “ But getting back to United OneWorld America , and the Social Gospel , I d like to read you some of America’s socialist beginnings I wrote a paper on in college . I keep it in my portable file Christian let me bring on board . Faithful reached inside the file next to him and began to translate America’s demise to his companions . He began reading his research paper , telling of one of her most infamous Christian Marxists , Reverend F.D. Huntington . Faithful recited ; “ He was associated with the British Fabian Socialists such as George Bernard Shaw , and Sidney and Beatrice Webb . It was they who amongst numerous others planned the socialist takeover of American churches in the 1890’s , and actually before that . A New England Puritan named Washington Gladden produced one of the earliest tracts of the Social Gospel in 1876 . He had been minister of the First Congregational Church of North Adams , Massachusetts . As communist philosophers before him , Gladden said that a good environment produces good citizens . He disregarded the Bible in this respect , stating that if children were reared in a Christian environment , they would not needed to be converted by evangelism . Gladden pastored in Columbus , Ohio at the First Congregational Church in 1882 and became a national spokesperson for Christian Socialism . He believed the State must control society , as do the globalists . He said ;
“ Let me say again that this conception of the State , that it is merely a political force , is , to my mind , a wholly erroneous conception ; that the State is something far higher and more godlike than this and that if we could only invest it in our thought with its true divine character , we should need no other agency for the unification of society “. I might add here another good example of a unified society was Babel . Gladden suggested the churches be made into a political force to become the glue that hold society together . His ecumenical dream was becoming a reality by 1908 through the organization of the Federal Council of Churches .

Christian Socialism became dominant in One World U.S.A. after the civil war . The Society of Christian Socialists was founded in Boston in 1889 , and was helped greatly by Reverend W.D. Bliss who wanted , “ to show that the aim of socialism is embraced in the aims of Christianity “ , which would be revealed through the Federal Council of Churches . Christian Socialist Edward Bellamy , I hate to interject , the son of a Baptist minister , followed in Bliss’s footsteps . Bellamy , born in 1850 ,  hoped for the utopian commonwealth of human intelligence and morality , thus aligning again with Socialist/ Masonic mantra . His book , “ Looking Backward “ ,  promoted an industrial army , national service , a council of wise men and the Great Trust’s nationalization of industry and religion . Conservative critics were horrified back then of his promotion of socialism . He tried to replace his beloved term socialism with Nationalism , saying it was “ not a good name for a party to succeed with in America “.

The communist Fabian Society had overtaken America . Knowing their 1892 printed issue of the “ Fabian News “ would be publicized they wrote about their ability to overtake America completely by stealth .Here , is in essence what they said ; “ A cover of respectability and good manners as a means of gaining entry into all social activities , while avoiding the label of socialism , promoting socialism continuously by coloring such activities with new terms so as to attain socialism by stealth “.

 An even more infamous infiltrator was Dr. Harry F. Ward whom the House Committee on Un-American Activities deemed “ the red dean of the communist party in the religious field “. He was a Methodist minister who in the 20th century was professor of Christian Ethics at Union Theological seminary in New York from 1918 to 1966 . Ward said Jesus was not the Divine Son of God . Mikhail Gorbachev quoted Ward years later saying , “ Jesus would have made a good communist “ . Ward began the Methodist Federation for Social Action Services in 1907 . He indoctrinated legions of communists into Methodists churches . Ward had a record of over 200 Communist front organizations listed by the HCUA . He was a constant contributor to the official communist newspaper in the United States , the Daily Worker . His MFSA always preached the socialist mantra of civil liberties , peace and social justice . Even the apolitical 1960 Encyclopedia Britannica called him “ the Red Dean of the Religious Field “ . There are books written containing the government documents quoting testimonies of former communists who had changes of heart , revealing communist designs on America ; the real Contract On America . In 1953 Benjamin Gitlow , a founder and former general secretary of the American Communist Party testified before the House Committee on UnAmerican Activities . When questioned about Harry F. Ward’s Methodist Federation for Social Action of 1907 , Mr. Gitlow’s answer included these statements ; “  The Methodist Federation for Social Action , originally called the Methodist Federation for Social Service , was first organized by a group of Socialist-Marxist clergymen of the United Methodist Church , headed by Dr. Harry F. Ward … Its objective was to transform the Methodist Church and Christianity into an instrument for the achievement of socialism… The Methodist Federation for Social Action is a member-ship organization made up entirely of Methodists . It does not affiliate other organizations with it . The Communist Party is not included as an affiliate . The organization is a Communist Party instrument controlled by the Communist Party through the Communist cell secretly operating as a Communist Party disciplined unit in the Federation … To detail the extent of the Communist infiltration of the Methodist Church , the people who served the communists in the church consciously , and those who were its stooges , would take several hundred pages of testimony  “.  By 1928 , the Methodist Federation was governed by an executive committee of five and a general council of fifty-six men who promoted  “ the social gospel “ wholeheartedly . Ward’s fellow communist Winifred L. Chappell helped Ward direct the Federation . They pushed communist propaganda through  their “ Social Service Bulletin “ . Benjamin Gitlow was the leader of the Communist Party when Ward and Chappell directed the Federation . When the HCUA asked , “ What do you consider the aims of the Communist infiltration of religion ?” , Gitlow replied ; “ Communist infiltration of the religious field aims to undermine faith in the American system “. The Russian communists were the first to exploit ministers of the United States , and through them , the church organizations , for the purpose of spreading propaganda in favor of Communist Russia for the building up of a pro-Soviet sentiment among church people in America and among Americans generally .   The HCUA confirmed Benjamin Gitlow’s testimony by that of Gitlow’s former fellow communist , Joseph Zack Kornfeder who had attended the Lenin Institute in Moscow . When asked about the Communist Party’s plans to subvert American religion Kornfeder told them ; “ In the United States the attack is on what they would call the propaganda level ; that is indoctrination …The living church movement was based on the idea of  interpreting the teachings of Christ and the Apostles in a way that would serve a large extent of Communist purposes …I am fairly certain in my mind that he ( Ward ) also saw Stalin , because Joe Stalin was very much interested in this living-church approach because he was the one that originally was in charge of it in the Politbureau---Joe Stalin . In fact , when one studies the methods of the Methodist Federation , I wonder who learned from whom , whether it was Harry F. Ward who learned from Stalin or whether Stalin learned from Harry Ward . They probably learned from each other the methods as to how to do it inside the church . I mean , how to combine theology with the concepts of materialism and how to propagate it and agitate it , and organize it , and so on … (the MFSA’s)  objective was to transform the Methodist Church and Christianity into an instrument for the  achievement of socialism …In my opinion the Methodist Federation for Social Action . First it set the pattern for setting up similar organizations in the other Protestant denominations . It , in fact assumed the leadership of the so-called social action movement in the Christian churches , and greatly influenced their ideas and the programs they adopted and their activities . It maintained the closest relations with all of them and often collaborated with them “.  The Socialist Union Theological Seminary gladly retained Ward’s services for twenty five years .

In 1953 another Communist Party official named Manning Johnson testified about Harry F. Ward in front of the HCUA . Manning Johnson said ; “ Dr. Harry F. Ward , for many years , has been the chief architect for Communist infiltration and subversion in the religious field… He was a member of the Communist Party while I was a member…I would say that he is the Red Dean of the Communist Party in the religious field “.
When asked about the seminaries that Ward turned into poisonous wells of communist propaganda he replied ; “  These ( small forces ) were quickly augmented by additional recruits and siphoned into the divinity institutions by manipulations of Communist cells in the seminaries . This infiltration into seminaries was expedited by the use of considerable forces the Communists had in educational institutions which were eligible for hire by divinity organizations. The plan was to make the seminaries the neck of a funnel through which thousands of potential clergymen would issue forth , carrying with them , in varying degrees , an ideology and slant which would aid in neutralizing the anti-Communist character of the church and also to use the clergy to spearhead important communist projects… The Communists have an advantage in religious organizations due to the fact that their forces within religious groups are well organized as a totalitarian
group which , operating as a highly mobile force , works unceasingly toward a premeditated program … In the early 1930’s the Communists instructed thousands of their members to rejoin their ancestral religious groups and to operate in cells designed to take control of churches for Communist purposes … Communists in churches and other religious organizations were instructed to utilize the age-old tradition of the sanctity of the church as a cover for their own dastardly deeds… Communist strategists counted the effectiveness of their forces not so much on numbers alone , but on the importance of individuals loyal to communism in key spots where a small group can influence large numbers and create havoc by controlling a sensitive spot . Thus one professor of divinity , lecturing to future clergymen , who in turn will preach to thousands of churchgoers , is , in the long run , more dangerous than 20 Red preachers , singing the praises of communism from the pulpit . The same can also be said of a Communist agent operating an important position in a church publication which reaches large multitudes of churchgoing public …The combination of Communist clergymen , clergymen with a pro-Communist ideology , plus thousands of clergymen who were sold the principle of considering Communist causes as progressive , within 20 years furnished the Soviet apparatus with a machine which was used as a religious cover for the overall communist operation ranging from immediate demands to actually furnishing aid in espionage and outright treason …the communists have an advantage in religious organizations due to the fact that their forces within religious groups are well organized as a totalitarian group which , operating as a highly mobile force , works unceasingly toward a premeditated program . This gives this destructive element a great tactical advantage over all others in the religious organizations who deal with religion as individuals , operating ethics on the basis of an individual conscience before God …the Methodist Federation for Social Action was invaluable to the Communist Party in its united front campaign …There are religious people who , far from considering socialism a menace , see it in the fulfillment of the ethical principles of their faith “. Some of Manning Johnson’s testimony was printed in Ward’s friendly Daily Worker on May 7th, 1953 . A dinner held in Ward’s honor mentions Corliss Lamont , the communist son of Thomas Lamont , the head of J.P. Morgan . Communists like Lamont praised Ward , saying that his teachings about peace and justice personally enriched them . Manning Johnson also testified of Ward’s protégé’ and successor Reverend Jack McMichael who was executive secretary of the Methodist Federation for Social Action up until 1953. McMichael had received his bachelor of divinity degree from Union Theological Seminary in New York City . He was appointed after seminary to the Court Street Methodist Church in Alameda , California , and later became pastor of the Community Methodist Church in Upper Lake , California . McMichael’s Emergency Peace Mobilization was on the Attorney General’s list of subversive organizations for a long  time , as was his communist front organization the American Youth Conference . He had been charged with having associations with 48 communist fronts since 1948.

Harry F. Ward also served for more than twenty years as a founder and president of the blatantly anti-Christian , communist inspired American Civil Liberties Union , recruiting thousands to fight Christ under the banner of civil liberties . In his communist writing , “ The New Social Order “ , he prophesied correctly that the American system was doomed to collapse only to be usurped by his new social order established by the world proletariat . His Methodist Federation advocated the abolition of courts and judges , legislative bodies , political parties , and all elected city , state and federal officials in the United States . It echoed Marx’ request for the abolition of private property rights .
Books could be written about Ward’s Communist influence in American churches . One other courageous man testified about Ward in HCUA hearings . His name was Leonard Patterson who served on the Central Committee of the Negro Commission of the Communist Party . He testified ; “ In New York City , I believe , in 1933 or early in 1934 - - I believe it was in 1933 – Dr. Ward , Earl Browder , myself , Victor Jerome , Manning Johnson , and other top leading members of the Communist Party were assigned to a top
fraction . in other words , a top policymaking body of the Communist Party—by the Central Committee of the Communist Party to prepare … for a conference to sponsor a broader conference against war and fascism to be held later on in the year 1933…. This top policy body met at 799 Broadway , where many of the Party front organizations met at that time , and again there was a conference held in Chicago . I believe that was the Second Congress Against War and Fascism… I believe that was in 1935 , I might be a little wrong in the date , but research will show , and there we also had a meeting of the fraction while the Congress was there and I was together with Dr. Ward in the top fraction meeting in Chicago also .… a meeting where only top leading Communist Party members could attend . It was a policymaking body…He [Ward] was present and an active member of that body “. Leonard Patterson testified that Ward was a leading communist , as was Jack McMichael . He said Ward was practiced at recruiting “ professional people , liberal ministers .

The New York Times characterized Harry F. Ward as a  “ social crusader “. In 1956 Ward’s Federation opposed the reprinting of “ The Communist Party of the United States of America , What It Is , How It Works , A HANDBOOK FOR AMERICANS “, issued by the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee , printed by the United States Government Printing Office , Washington , 1955 . This handbook , a portion of which I have in my portable file , tells of the Communist Party’s subversion of America . In its Foreword the U.S. government spoke of a conspiracy , saying ; “ the problem of the existence in our midst of a mass conspiratorial organization controlled by a foreign power . The Communist problem is unique in our history “ . They knew that the conspiracy was then controlled by New York and Washington D.C. , but dare not print that truth , only alluding to a “ foreign “ power . On page 8 the term identifying its pattern of operation is called conspiratorial more than once , wherein Lenin is quoted ; “ Conspiracy is so ssential a condition of an organization of this kind that all other conditions … must be made to conform with it “. The handbook goes on to say , “ Today the Communist movement is no longer an insignificant Russian sect fighting against communism , but an international movement seeking world conquest and more specifically the destruction of the American Government as its chief obstacle . Hence the Communist Party U.S.A. as an organic part of that movement dedicated to the same destructive purpose , has necessarily assumed the same Leninist conspiratorial guise “ . Page 16 of this HANDBOOK FOR ALL AMERICANS mentioned that , “ the exact purpose of the Communists in entering legislative bodies … we go to the law making institutions , not to tinker them up for the benefit of the capitalists , but to be a monkey wrench in their machinery “ .  The term conspiracy is used often in this handbook . On page 30 psychological warfare was mentioned . It was utilized in schoolrooms , churches , businesses , governments , television , radio , the arts , and all American social structures . Page 40 tells of the “ high level of credibility under rigorous cross examination and investigation “ of ex-Communists like Gitlow , Kornfeder , Patterson and Johnson . Most courageous men like these knew their lives were in jeopardy testifying against the demonic machinations of the new world order . Many paid the ultimate price or were kidnapped , never to be seen again , just as happened in old Stalinist Russia . Page 43 states that New York State contained approximately 50% of the American Communist Party and that ; “ such  wealthy persons as Frederick Vanderbilt Field , and prominent members of the Hollywood film colony have been found to be members of the Communist Party .” Page 83 describes most , if not all of the old preachers like Warren , MacArthur , the charismatics , etc.  as Aesopian double-talk adepts . Pages 90 and 92 reveals that front organizations such as the Emergency Civil Liberties , the World Peace Conference , The World Federation of Scientific Workers , The Interenational Organization of Democratic Journalists , The International Association of Democratic Lawyers , The World Federation of Democratic Youth , and the International Union of Students operated  “ in close harmony with the Communist dominated World Federation of Trade Unions .  On page 91 it stated : “ With an eye to religious groups , the Communists have formed religious fronts such as the Methodist Federation for Social Action “. Understandably Ward’s Methodist Federation for Social Action fought for its distribution . Page 98 reads that U.S. Admiral Hoover stated ; “ the American Communications Association was Communist Party controlled and the nucleus of the Communist Party cell in the United States communications “  after  “ 700 officers were murdered by the Communist Party cells .” Communication is Satan’s specialty . Through misdirecting it , the only person he didn’t deceive by sin was Jesus . In warfare the communications man is the enemy’s prime target . Communists knew , and still know  native languages better than the natives themselves . Their Satanic ability to deceive with fairly normal rhetoric and syntax has been revealed myriads of times . It paid off well enough for the Jewish preparation of the antichrist’s reign in Jerusalem to be readily accepted not long from now . Pages 98 and 100 tell of the international control of unions .

Ward lectured at the Race Street Meeting House on May , 11 , 1918 . In his lecture on “ The Christian Demand for Social Reconstruction “ he  said ; “ Was Jesus a rebel ?” Communists are always trying to deceive Christians into believing he was . Then they inspire them to rebel also , falling prey to Ward’s psychopolitical  propaganda . He continued in his speech , pushing the communist mantra of the hope for a better world by building the “ Kingdom of God on Earth “. This communist idea was also pushed strongly by Alice Bailey and the United Nations . He also said born again men need to “ create a new social order “ , constantly repeating the phrases , new world , and world order long used by world statesmen , presidents , congressmen , newsmen , and churchmen . He stated he hoped for the death of capitalism replaced by communism , though he called it a “ Christian Society “ , a new social order built by his fraternity of pseudo-Christians . He blatantly lied , as communists do , saying there is a “ Christian demand for social reconstruction “ , developing a new Christian society that would espouse increased spiritual values developing “ humanity to its highest capacity “. He said men are “ demanding the organization of a new world order of living … Chrisitianity brings to the world not simply reconstruction , but regeneration “ . Ward’s “ Christianity “ was nothing but Christian Talmudism reconstructed from within so-called Christian churches unable to fend the continuous onslaught of communist
subversion .

The MFSA continued on in the 21st century calling for a recapturing of their grand vision which would require their new prophetic voices to be heard , applauding homosexuality and a demonic “ social
holiness “ . They called Jesus the child of Sophia as old paintings correctly portray the coming antichrist with haloes and Masonic light emanating from a false Jesus and Mary’s heads . They promoted the United Nations as usual . Their Advocacy Network strongly continued to promote socialist Harry Ward’s ideals .   

Faithful could see his friends were soaking in the truth about the communist subversion of America , so he kept reading his thesis . He said , “ Well , I’ve given you the major privy about the Methodist spies , so I might as well get back to the Baptists , who were similarly involved . Dr. Nels Fere was a one-time Baptist and Congregationalist and later a Methodist associated with the Theological school of Vanderbilt University . He was Abbott Professor of Andover Theological school  , and a leading spokesman who appeared on many National Council of Church programs . He wrote ; “ If Marxism should conquer the whole world , this might be merely the prelude in economic arrangement to the blossoming forth within it of the deeply sowed seed of Christian faith and expectations . Marxism may be God’s means to Christian fulfillment in history “.
He asserted that he doubted Jesus ever taught about His second coming or that He was the Savior . He did not accept the Bible as the final authority of Christian truth , and said Christianity was idolatry . He said we have no way of knowing Jesus was sinless , and said he did not know who Jesus’ Father was . In his books he wrote he stated ;  “ We have a hard time even to discuss meaningfully whether or not our faith is true …Words convey but only miserably contain meaning . They signify more than they say . Even what meaning they say . Even the exact meaning they contain we cannot confine “. Bill Clinton must have read some of Fere’s  psychopolitical brainwashing when he tried to convince people they did not understand the meaning of the word “ is “ eons ago . That’s how communists operate . Men like Fere don’t want you to believe what Jesus said , so they try to deceive you into thinking His words mean something other than what he intended . He expounded upon this lie when he continued ; “ we must therefore be wary of too strong longing for clarity of statement as an end in itself lest we also be tempted beyond our strength  to forfeit the depths of truth “. This communist ploy to make you doubt your ability to discern God’s word worked well on millions of people . And if that didn’t confuse one enough he had another linguistic trap to follow it saying ; “ Yet clarity , on the other hand , may be due to an insecurity in our lives which makes us want to see everything clearly beyond despair or doubt “. He also said ; “ Jesus seems so clear to many ; yet the disciples failed to follow what he said . It has taken ages to understand him and some of us think that it may still take ages to see what he saw “ . Here , Satan , through Fere is prepping the stage for the United Nations’ communist world government . Fere quotes the socialist John Dewey saying ;  “ we affirm only that which we take to be capable of confirmation . Right reason is always capable of becoming a social affair “.
Political correctness has become socially acceptable right reasoning , in direct conflict with Christianity . He stated ; “ we have reached a time when philosophy rather than theology must do the intellectual job of setting forth the realities of religious concern …Religious truth cannot , in any case , be objective and theoretical in the sense that it can be shown to be our only way out , for instance , as a civilization , and yet leave us subjectively unconvinced and uncommitted …Faith is an assertion by that self  which cares deeply for all people in all their troubles and sorrows that there is a better order in which these can be overcome …we ourselves are struggling for a better world ”. These remarks of Nels Fere are only one example of communist doubletalk confusing those who might have been trying to believe in Christ . Those with Christ’s mind were not confused . In his blasphemous book , “ The Christian Understanding of God “ , published by Harper and Brothers he blatantly stated : “ Jesus must have been the child of a German soldier “ ( page 191) . Whether he had a hand in directly contributing communist propaganda promoted through the Methodist Publishing House in the “ Adult Student Abingdon Bible Commentaries “ of the 1950’s , he would have applauded the following  statements contained in them . Their push for Methodists to work for The United Nations’ world government is blatant . Faithful pulled out an antique copy and read from it these psychopolitical brainwashers from an August 1950 Volume 9 , Number 8 and expounded to his friends ; “ On page 23 we begin a four session unit titled  “ Which Way World Government ?”  That statement already puts within the reader’s mind that a world government will be established . Page 3 promotes heresy wherein they endorse an unbiblical book  , “ designated by Old Testament scholars as Second Isaiah “ . They call the Bible  “creative” on page 4 , telling of its universal  “human knowledge “,  casting aside the knowledge of God . On page 7  they wonder , “ whether we are the peak of an evolutionary process “ . On page 8 they promote Vernon Nash’s book , The World Must Be Governed “ and in the next paragraph say , “ Why do we need world government if we already have the United Nations ?”…It is not enough merely to say that the United Nations must be strengthened and improved . It must be transformed from a loose association of fully sovereign states into a world government of limited but adequate powers “. Some Methodists knew a strengthened United Nations would give itself unlimited powers . Throughout the rest of page 8 the Masonic/communist mantra of “unity in diversity “ and social justice is echoed . Page 12 lauds the Christian Socialist “ ecumenical Universal Church of Christ “ . Page 16 promotes the socialist State Department , the Rockefeller Foundation and the United Nations . Page 20 tells Methodists to listen to U.N. radio broadcasts and call the radio station and thank them for running the program . Also , Communist  “World Peace”  , and socialized medicine are touted along with their  “ dream of one world “ . They say on page 21 ; “ This dream has never died . Today , even more imperiously than in any earlier generation , it calls to us with an insistent urgency that we cannot put aside . “ One World “ is not something that comes in a moment ; it must come as the patient fruit of steadfast purpose , of constant endeavor , of unwaivering faith “ . This was Alice Bailey’s U.N. faith prayed for long ago by witches in groups of three , praying for a “ world peace center “ . Page 23 poses this question to the Adult Student ; “ Do you think lasting peace is possible without a federal form of world government ? Why ? “ . It continues on a little later stating world government , “ involves relinquishment of a degree of national sovereignty “ . This relinquishment was afterward realized by the powerless nations made so by the European Union which had been planned by their communist Methodist contributors long prior . Page 25 pushed the Masonic sense of brotherhood . Page 26 again pushed world law . Page 29 queries the student ; “ Do you think that the best hope for achieving federal world government is through revisions or amendments to the United Nations Charter or through direct effort by peoples or nations to establish the constitutional basis for such world government ? Why ? “ .  They continue with their psychopolitical propaganda on this page pushing The United World Federalists , World Republic , and the Campaign for World Government , all of which were communist organizations , saying ; “ They support the establishment of a world government that would include a world legislature to make law , a judiciary to interpret such law , and an executive to administer and enforce the law “ . Page 31 stresses the need for “ world order based on world law enacted by world government “. Page 32 states in essence the U.N. is actually the constitutionally established world government . On page 44 the devil through them mocks repentance and personal sin , trying to shame non-one-worlders into collective guilt for a fallen world to be remedied by communist/ Masonic new world order . Page 69 continues greater blasphemy stating ; “ There is little in the teachings of Jesus about the popular notion of salvation “ . On page 64 , the last page , Satan says through the liar who contributed this piece ; “ The word “ sin “ either in the singular or in the plural , occurs only a few times in the recorded speeches of the Master as found in the Synoptics … The fingers on your two hands would be enough to count all the references to “ sin” by Jesus … Apparently Jesus did not like the word “. It is the dozens of socialists and socialist sympathizers who wrote these articles in this communist brainwashing form of propaganda pushed by liars like Harry F. Ward , Nels Fere and thousands of their near kinsmen who greatly contributed to the dissolution of Christianity worldwide . The Methodist church was only one of their targets . U.S. government documents prove similar tactics were used in all churches , schools , unions , the entertainment industry , businesses ,societies, all of the world’s governments , all under the power of the prince of this world . The communists had proposed  world government via their “ Federal Republic of the World “ , one of which was , “ A Constitution for the World “ in 1965 by the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions “ . Later , the United Nations devised another ploy to prepare the world for a single ruling elite cabal through the Earth Charter Initiative and the World
Constitution and Parliament Association .

Senator Joseph McCarthy held investigative meetings that were established as closed-door executive sessions before McCarthy began his exposure of communists in 1953 . Those meetings were similar to a grand jury in which McCarthy desired to protect the innocent as well as reveal traitors . McCarthy had been a judge known for regarding the rights of the accused as well as being expeditious and extremely fair . McCarthy only investigated the State Department , ( long known for harboring communists ) , the Voice of America , the Army Signal Corps , and the U.S. Government Printing Office . McCarthy was smeared as one who browbeat witnesses . Edward M. Rothschild who worked for the Government Printing Office told McCarthy during questioning ; “ I think the committee session at this day and in this place is most admirable and most American “ . Rothschild was suspect of communist ties . Another witness named Peter Gragis appeared before McCarthy on March 10 , 1954 . The press had led people to believe the worst about McCarthy . Gragis told him during the hearings ; ( The press ) “ had pointed out that you were very abusive , that you were crucifying people … My experience has been quite to the contrary . I have I think , been very understandably treated . I have , I think been highly respected despite the fact that for some 20 years I had been more or less an active communist “. Even McCarthy’s enemies had to admit that he scrupulously followed the law’s due process guidelines and that none were arrested or detained without due judicial process . It was unfortunate that the Roosevelt administration had not declared communist party membership a crime , because communism called for covert and overt overthrow of America . FBI recordings of
Soviet embassy conversations during 1947-48 proved McCarthy right later . The communist network in America was ubiquitous . Roosevelt , Truman ,( both Masons ), and Eisenhower all tried to foil McCarthy’s work . The White House , all of Washington , and the Pentagon continuously worked against him indicating the level of control communists had then . The Hollywood Ten were proven to have been actual
communists . Elizabeth Bentley , “ The Red Queen “ , was proven a notorious government communist spy . President Truman issued a decree that revealed his true Masonic/Talmudic leanings when he mandated ; “ no government employee could answer questions or supply congressional committees with files relating to the loyalty of another government employee “.  The press hated McCarthy during his tenure and has
never stopped smearing him . They sabotaged him after his reproof of a General Zwicker who thought it acceptable for a military officer to cover up for a communist American general whom McCarthy rightfully said should be removed . Forty-six false charges were brought against McCarthy for trying to protect the American people from the continuous invasion of communism into America’s heartland and brain trust . Two flimsy charges were made to stick . They charged that he had failed to cooperate with the 1952 Senate Subcommittee on Privileges and Elections , and that he had  “ abused “ general Zwicker during questioning . It’s hard to imagine anyone who attains the rank of general would be unable to stand up for himself in a witness chair , especially with sympathetic communists always nearby . Those like me who tell the truth about McCarthy are     maligned with him , McCarthy’s name pasted as a stigma on his chest as were Jews pinned with Magen David stars in Nazi Germany in world war two .    

Christian finally spoke up, saying , “ I knew the communist influence was worldwide , and that the United Nations / Masonic push to syncretize all world religions was devised by the communists , but I did not know the detailed extent you have revealed that they had burrowed into the churches . Now it is clear to me why I was so vehemently verbally assaulted by supposed church members when I spoke out against the Masonic Lodge . Hopeful chimed in , “ I had a few similar experiences myself . I finally came to learn later that their influence and control was extensive , operating through judges , doctors , hotel clerks , janitors , kings , courts and demons . “

Faithful replied ,  “ I appreciate you fellows listening to my dissertation . By the way, are you getting hungry ? There is a United Nations World Heritage site ahead . What do you say we have some lunch  ? “

Christian quickly replied , “ Sounds good to me “, as he steered the car toward the International Welcome Center sign at the park’s entrance . The Ashkenazi had long ago taken over all American parks , as well as the rest of the world’s parks . “ It might not be long before special permits would be needed before entering Mother Earth’s sacred grounds “, he said .

Faithful replied , “  Yes , you’re probably right . It may not be long  “.


                                                     Chapter 4

Christian had long known that , as in all warfare , the Talmudic communists had often taken years to terminate their enemies , attempting first to psychologically confound them through numerous machinations . When those proved futile , direct action had to be taken ; the usual scenario of apparent suicide , ( which friends and relatives of other dissenters always rejected as being the cause of death ) , would serve their purpose . Christian knew he would never see his departed wife again if he took his own life . The thought had never crossed his mind , though he knew that had he not known Christ he would have committed that cowardly and faithless act .

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