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A Jewish antichrist

                                                                A Jewish antichrist

            To a degree the world has been under domination of the “ prince of this world “ which the Bible calls the devil . God’s chosen people , the Jews , became a source of blessing and  curse . Salvation is of the Jews who largely rejected Jesus 2,000  years ago.Those who did not believe Jesus to be the Messiah were not actually Jews the Bible says . Those who do believe in him actually are .
            The “ Jewish “ lineage of the antichrist is fairly easy to trace . Satan will temporarily usurp Jesus’ seat in the Third Temple the Jews will rebuild in Jerusalem . He will have worked through those who hate Jesus the most . The book of Revelation reveals Satan’s love for opulence and life’s finest delicacies and riches . The Jewish antichrist will revel in these pleasures which will testify against him and all who follow him , which will be most of the world as it has been for millennia . Working backward from the Jewish antichrist , here are some of the major facts revealing his final progression to the last world dictator Jews are praying for through Talmudic teachings disseminated throughout Jewry and pseudo-Christendom .
            As a Christian I know that God loves Jews as well as Gentiles . I am now a Jew ; a Gentile whose heart was circumcised by Christ ; Though of the stock of Abraham , those of his lineage who do not accept Christ are not Jews . I am not anti-Semitic , though I realize this expose’ will be seen that way by those who hate Christ . The book of Revelation tells Christians to warn others of the false teachings and dangers engendered by those who “ say they are Jews and are not “. This is a worthwhile revelation of the spiritual and money trail easily followed revealing the antichrist’s final accumulation of Jewish power intended to slowly transition the world’s finances into the hands of Jews whose hearts are set upon world domination . Money must be a major factor in organizing political power . Most men’s sinful hearts will never submit to leadership of kindness and goodness . Not all , but most would follow Cain’s example and kill their brother out of envy as the Jews and Gentiles alike did Jesus . Christians know that they themselves may as well have hammered the Roman nails into Jesus’ extremities . The early Jews wanted an earthly visible king so God allowed them to have Saul in God’s stead . Soon they will have his sevenfold more evil successor , desolate of compassion , totally corrupt , Satan personified . The world will worship the world’s richest and most powerful man who , imitating Christ will be killed and brought back to life by his false prophet . Here is the path to his prophesied power . The old cliché  “ follow the money “ works in his case too . The next page begins the major rabbit trail leading to the beast .    

                                           The Monopoly of Jewish Bankers

            In 1066 William the conqueror brought Jewish bankers to London from France . Mortgage interest was collected by sheriffs and marshals and given to Jewish bankers on the king’s behalf . If taxes and interest weren’t paid the Jews seized the property . This initiated animosity for the Jews who were banished from England from about 1290 to about 1560 under Elizabeth the First . In the 16th century today’s world famous money changers began to come into prominence under Mayer Amsel Elchman whose other major  surnames were Rothschild  and  Bauer , meaning farmer . The name Rothschild was derived from the fact that the early Rothschild coat of arms was the Talmudic red star of David displayed in front of the residence . The German interpretation of Rothschild was “ House at the Red Shield “ or “ Roten Schild “ . This symbol was an occult symbol purportedly used thousands of years earlier giving homage to the false gods Moloch and Ashteroth whom Jews had earlier worshipped . Supposedly, the oldest Rothschild name had been Uri Feibesch of the 16th century .
            Today’s city of London Corporation , a Masonic organization occupying about one square mile of the heart of London has been controlled by the Rothschild dynasty for centuries . The city itself was Roman Catholic until 1066 when world cartels emerged from the Roman Catholic diocese . From about 1491 to 1603 London became Protestant until the late 1800’s when it became Socialist . In 1880 H.M. Hyndman founded a club in London dedicated to Christianity’s destruction . It was originally named the Rose Street
Club , but was later changed to the Social Democratic Federation . Membership later included Karl Marx’ daughter Eleanor . Early members were called  “ Christian Socialists “  in both London and America . The group was controlled by Frederick Engels . In 1884 this communist group founded the Socialist League and the Fabian Society . The Fabian Society first met at Mr. E. R. Pease’ home . Mr. Pease was a member of the London Stock Exchange . Other occultist and communist members were George Bernard Shaw , Sidney Webb , Annie Besant and H.G. Wells . The Fabian Society was and is the British Labour Party’s think tank . Recent history reveals Tony Blair was chairman of the Fabian Society whose goal is a one world government .
            In 1983 a Pennsylvania chapter of the National Association of Retired Federal Employees published the fact in one of their newsletters that the Rothschilds and other Jews controlled the Federal Reserve which had been devised by the Rothschilds , the Lazard Brothers bank of Paris , Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy , the Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam , the Lehman Brothers bank of New York , the Chase Manhattan Bank of New York , the Kuhn , Loeb Bank of New York and the Goldman Sachs Bank of New York in the early 1900’s . These are all now under domination of the Rothschilds .
            These arms of the current one world government have been called “ too big to fail “ , which means in essence they are too big to exist . Alan Greenspan , a member of the Masonic Lodge , said the “ government is by Wall Street and therefore , you end up with bills that are for Wall Street “ . That’s how the Fed was birthed ; through deceptive legislation of manipulators who knew the human psyche well and could predict world reactions to their own manipulative schemes , many of which are well documented .
            Allegations of other direct and indirect Rothschild control the world’s money supply are these institutions ; 

The World Bank

The International Monetary Fund

The European Central Bank

The Vatican Bank

The United States Federal Reserve

The Switzerland Bank for International Settlements

The European Union

The United nations Organization

Goldman Sachs

Morgan Stanley


The Rothschilds Banks of London and Berlin

The Lazard brothers Banks of Paris

Isreal Moses Seif Banks of Italy

The Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam

Lehman Brothers of New York

Kuhn ,Loeb Bank of New York ( now Shearson American Express )

National Bank of Commerce New York/ Morgan Guaranty Trust

Hanover Trust of New York 

Other non Rothschild financial institutions offer no real competition to these.

            By the 1600’s Jews had organized international war economics by financing both sides of all European wars .The Rothschilds became expert at working both ends against the middle . Others had credited Herr Solomon Meyer Rothschild with having superior financial expertise . Rothschild and his successors often hoodwinked those who deferred their own financial decisions to the Rothschilds by making their customers believing it was the Rothschilds who were getting the poorer end of the bargain . The House of Rothschild established its monopoly with ploys like this , downplaying their own well honed financial wizardry  . A good example of their machinations was when they manipulated the London Stock Exchange during the Napoleonic War . They always utilized their own cleverly devised network of spies to enhance their financial assets . The facts are well documented about Nathan Rothschild’s  feigning Wellington’s loss at Waterloo , knowing that his own dumping of stocks would begin a panic selling of stocks which he had already planned to buy at bargain prices , ( five cents on the dollar ) , only a few hours after he started the panic himself . This was one of the Rothschilds coup of coups which made England Europe’s undisputed master with the Rothschilds in control of Britain . On the internet’s Rothschilds.com , “ Welcome to Rothschild “ page 1 greets you stating that “ Rothschild has been at the center of the world’s financial markets for over two hundred years “ . They are not misrepresenting themselves in the least . But they
do misrepresent themselves on this page when they say their bank “ ranks AMONGST the world’s largest privately owned banks “. They ARE the world’s largest conglomerate of monetary , political and religious power . Senator Dick Durbin had commented a while ago that “ the banks own the Senate “ , and , “ the banks – hard to believe in a time when we’re facing a banking crisis that many of the banks created [-are still the most powerful lobby on Capitol Hill. And they frankly own the place] “. The Jerusalem Report Magazine had posted ; “ The Immortal Rothschilds Still in Control “ .  In Jewish Encyclopedias Rothschild was the richest man in the world . In 1814 Nathan Rothschild had been told in a letter ; “ As long as a house is like yours , and  as long as you work together with your brothers , not a house in the world will be able to compete with you , to cause you harm or to take advantage of you , for together you can undertake and perform more than any other house in the world .”  And so they have . One banker’s son , Heinrich Heine had said ; “ Money is the god of our time , and Rothschild is his prophet “ .  It is Rothschilds descendants who control the unregulated , non- governmental , Rothschild owned Federal Reserve . It is they who twice daily who set the prices of the world’s gold reserves .  Amsel Rothschild reportedly said , “ Give me control of the economics of a country , and I care not who makes her laws “ .  In the  book , “ The Rothschilds : Portrait of a Dynasty “ it was said of  “ King “ Salomon Rothschild of the 1800’s ;  “ Among the people besieging Salomon’s office were those who begged a royal “ laying on of hands “  “. At least the Rothschilds exercised some real form of power as opposed to the deceived followers of the charismatic movement who attempt similar rewarding experiences , but are only duped by similarly demonic devices of which Christians are not ignorant .

                                          The Rothschild Masonic Connection

            The Rothschild involvement with Masonry is fairly well documented by Lodge records . By 1782 the Illuminated Freemasonry headquarters was controlled by the Rothschild family in Frankfurt . British historian and Mason Professor John Robinson wrote in his book ,  “ Proofs of a Conspiracy  “ ;  “ I have found that the covert secrecy of a Masonic Lodge has been employed in every country for venting and propitiating sentiment in religion and politics , that could not have been circulated in public without exposing the author to grave danger . I have observed these doctrines gradually diffusing and mixing with all different systems of Free Masonry till at last , AN ASSOCIATION HAS BEEN FORMED FOR THE EXPRESS PURPOSE OF ROOTING OUT ALL THE RELIGIOUS ESTABLISHMENTS , AND OVERTURNING ALL THE EXISTING GOVERNMENTS OF EUROPE “ .
            Masonry enticed people with the elusive promise of personal power . Communism , a brother of Masonry has been Masonry’s twin engine propelling the Rothschilds’ hopes for world domination for centuries . Masonry , loved by the Rothschilds now through the B’nai B’rith , unites all religions in the Rothschild United Nations World Religion prayer  “ to the one God who is above all the Baalim “ , thus ,
 “ The seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands “.
            Masonic beliefs are derived from the unbelieving rebellious Talmudic Jews , ( not true Jews ) , who wrote the Kabbalah upon which Masonry is based  . A close study of both the Kabbalah and Manly P. Hall ‘s book , “ Lost Keys of Freemasonry “ , page 744 reveals this wherein the Mason Mr.Hall states ; 
“ Everything scientific and grand in the religious dreams of the Illuminatti…is borrowed from the kabbalah ; all Masonic associations owe to it their secrets and their symbols “ .
            Masonry was quickly accepted by those who deemed themselves more intelligent, possessing higher critical thinking , drawing nobles such as Lord Alexander , General Alexander Hamilton , Quartermaster General Robert Moray , the Earl of Erroll , Lord Pitslig and the Duke of Richmond into it’s ensnaring web in the 1600’s . Sixteen English princes joined from 1737 to 1907 , some of whom became monarchs. They were ; George IV , Edward VII , Edward VIII , and  George VI  . A few others were Oscar II and Gustav V of Sweden and Frederick VIII and Christian X of Denmark .  American Revolutionary Masons had much dealings with Rothschild manipulated Masonic brethren in Europe. Modern American Masons still do today .
            Some of the Rothschilds own statements regarding Masonry’s and communism’s one world hopes are also telling . It is reported that Mayer Amschel Rothschild taught his ten children to hate Christians because Christians had caused all their troubles . Perhaps Mayer had not read the old testament which discloses that God had placed a curse upon the Jews for disobeying him .
            It appears the Rothschilds helped finance the Satanic Round Table Group in the 1890’s which continued until the 1970’s . This group helped form the Council on Foreign Relations . The Round Table Group also helped the Talmudic Mason Karl Marx write Das Kapital by financing it .
 The House of Rothschild was involved with an Illuminist Jew named Henrietta Herz  who entertained important Masons via their 1786 Tugenbund League ( or Virtue League ) revealed as a ruse for sexual promiscuity . It was protected by the English Masonic Lodge at Hanover . The Tugenbund League was changed and later named the Second Tugenbund Society in 1807 . When Mayer Amschel Rothschild died in 1812 Europe was split between his five sons . Headship was given to Nathan Rothschild , ( the Napoleonic War stock manipulator ) , who though not the eldest was deemed most capable . He and his brother James Meyer Rothschild were both Masons according to the Masonic reference book ,  “ !0,000 Freemasons “. In volume 4 page 74 James was initiated into Emulation Lodge #12 in London on October 24th , 1802 . Purportedly Solomon Meir Rothschild was initiated into Freemasonry June 14 , 1809 . Masonic power enabled control of governments . If ever caught for any crime charges against any Rothschilds would be dropped . Many other Masons have similarly experienced escapes from judgment ,
often knowing beforehand  what verdict would be rendered because they knew the judge would be a sympathetic Mason .
            Another sterling example of Rothschild manipulation is Nathan Rothschild’s gold purchase , when he again raised gold’s price after he bought much , if not all of the East India Company’s gold . Others interested in buying that gold waited , hoping for its price to lower , but Rothschild was in control , and it didn’t . They bought it at his higher price, greatly benefitting him as he had planned .
            His brother James founded the Rothschild Bank in France . It was said of James he “ owned King Louis Philippe “ .  Carl Rothschild became a leader of the occult Carbonarism ( or Alta Vendita ) , the major European occult power that was involved with Masonry . It appears that all five of the well known Rothschild sons were involved with Masonry to some degree .

                             The Rothschilds Fabricate the Federal Reserve

In Gustav Myers’ “ History of the Great American Fortunes “ , Mr. Myers stated ; “ Under the surface , the Rothschilds long had a powerful influence in dictating American financial laws . The law records show that they were the power in the old Bank of the United States “.  Carroll Quigley in “ Tragedy and Hope “ stated ;  “ The powers of financial capitalism had another far reaching aim , nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole . This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences “. This was the Rothschild plan . The secretive birth of the Rothschild Federal Reserve was spawned by a German Rothschild agent named Paul Warburg . He was director of M.M. Warburg and Co. in Hamburg Germany and he controlled Germany’s Secret service as intelligence consultant and chief financial advisor . The Rothschilds had trained him , enabling him with their devious cunning in the spy and banking trades . The Rothschilds through Warburg helped fund Lenin and Trotsky during WW1 , aiding the communist revolution of 1917 . He was an advisor at the Versailles Peace Conference. The German delegation there was termed “ kosher “ because of the superabundance of Jews at the conference . It was also termed  “The Warburg Delegation” . Other European countries to a degree viewed the United States as a Jewish country because of the strong Jewish representation . For all practical purposes , it was .

The Rothschilds through Warburg feigned peace , as did Warburg’s own family who continually was involved with war efforts in the United States after he emigrated here from Hamburg in 1939 . He was placed on the American Jewish Committee’s Post War Committee for the reorganization of the world helping craft the ungodly United Nations’ Charter . Thus begins to be more visible the Masonic world order metamorphosed out of chaos contrived by the Rothschilds .

Warburg had four sons , two of which also came to the United States . His brother , Paul Warburg , Jacob Schiff’s brother-in-law , was instrumental in drafting the congressional bill enabling the Ponzi scheme Federal Reserve to exist . Jacob Schiff was the Rothschild head of New York’s banking house Kuhn , Loeb and Company  whose connections with Rothschild German bankers in 1904-05 to the Japanese enabled a victory over Russia . The Schiffs had resided in the same Rothschild dwelling in Frankfurt-on-the-Main Germany where kings personally came to them asking them for loans . The Schiff  “ ship “ sign hung not many feet from the Rothschilds’ “ Red Shield “ .  Paul Warburg was understandably a major partner in the most powerful banking firm in America in the early 1900’s . The Rothschild custom of  “ making kings “ continued in the United States with their placement of Woodrow Wilson in the White House . Their front man , Colonel Edward Mandel House dictated Wilson’s actions . Wilson said himself of House ;“ Mr. House is my second personality . He is my independent self . His thoughts and mine are one “. The Masons and the Rothschilds have always possessed an uncanny ability to size up a person’s personal character , often predicting his future actions , judging a multitude of human psychological and sociological issues pertaining to their hopes of utilizing his skills which they had determined were already bent in their direction . Rothschild spies worked overtime to help catapult men like Wilson into office . Britain was prepared to further the already monolithic Rothschild dynasty through House who regularly consulted with Warburg .  In his book “ The Strangest friendship in History ; Woodrow Wilson and Colonel House “ , George Sylvester Vierick wrote ;  “ The Schiffs , the Warburgs , the Kuhns , the Rockefellers , the Morgans put their faith in House . When the Federal Reserve legislation at last assumed definite shape , House was the intermediary between the White House and the financiers “ . This could never happen outside of Rothschild control .  House , ( America’s Rasputin) , wrote a novel signaling to his fellow communists what he was helping to create in the United States . Its title was “ Philip Dru : Administrator “. This book revealed the communist dream of altering the American Republic toward ; “ Socialism as dreamed of by Karl Marx “  with a world dictator served by 12 faithful men . Curiously the Jewish communist hopes of world domination through 12 men is reflective of the twelve tribes of Israel . It would be no surprise that the world’s most adept Jewish witches might be the antichrist’s ten toes and the antichrist and false prophet would complete the anticipated dirty digit dozen . Of course the New Testament will have been so thoroughly changed by the Rothschilds by then or perhaps universally confiscated and destroyed , that only the 144,000 martyrs will know the truth regarding the enigma . The Bible has been so thoroughly corrupted now that confiscation may not be needed .  Marx planned on a national bank with an exclusive monopoly . The Rothschilds established that for him , as well as House’s dream of a “ league of nations “ controlled by them . James Warburg testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee  , ( a committee designed by the Rothschilds ), in 1950 saying , “ We shall have world government , whether or not we like it . The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest “. The Rothschilds do not care which way they carry this out . They are practiced in working both sides of the nuclear arms fence they themselves perpetuated to achieve their desire for power . The Warburgs , Schiffs , Rockefellers , Morgans , Carnegies , Lamonts and numerous other Rothschild operatives worked hand in hand with the masters of the Kremlin to establish a system that they intended would supplant our own and grow into the present global Leviathan State too late recognized by many .

The Jewish plan for international banking was to have only three central banks worldwide ; The Federal Reserve , The European Central Bank , and the Central Bank of Japan . Things may change because it will take time for the Third Temple to be built prior to the antichrist’s arrival .

It was Paul Warburg who issued the 1929 stock market crash warning . This Rothschild ruse worked as had Nathan Rothschild’s cleverly devised scheme of insider swindling after Napoleon’s defeat . The Rothschild/ Morgan deceit had caused the American bank panic in 1907 . Americans were duped into accepting protection for the common man from the abuses of Wall Street bankers by corralling them into accepting the Rothschild Federal Reserve . Edward Mandell House handled president Wilson regarding this hostile
takeover. Rothschild mouthpiece Senator Nelson Aldrich ,( whose daughter had married John D. Rockefeller ) , helped arrange the infamous meeting at J.P. Morgan’s hunting club Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia . Paul Warburg had actually choreographed the plan to put all legislative , executive and judicial powers into the Rothschilds hands when in 1913 House’s puppet Woodrow Wilson signed the FED into becoming America’s fiscal czar . Most of the men were well connected to Rothschilds’ co-conspirator Jacob Schiff . Rothschild’s 8th Wonder of the World , compound interest , and their valueless paper money helped destroy America . But God builds governments and destroys them . As he had dispersed the Jews for rebellion and witchcraft , so will he do to us . Disasters have not brought us to him as they did not bring Israel closer . We are as stiff-necked as the rebellious Jews who have destroyed us from within as they said they would do . I have made a fairly thorough study of the specifically Jewish creation of communism which their own Jewish Encyclopedias proudly and unashamedly laud is based upon Talmudic beliefs promoted today . There are no more Andrew Jacksons to destroy Rothschild banks as there were in the 1800’s . Jackson warned of the impending financial danger as had Elijah and the prophets of spiritual devastation to Israel . Nobody listened in either case . Now we are continuing to pay the price of not listening to either of those two courageous men . If the current cry to  “End The Fed”  today were heeded that would not really solve America’s financial woes . As adept Russian chess players , the Rothschilds are always many many steps ahead of anticipated problems they instigate . They control the alphabet power sources such as the CFR ,CBS , ABC , NBC , RCA  , etc. , etc., either directly or indirectly . The FED has never been audited and even if allegations of its true improprieties were revealed their propaganda arms would salve doubter’s apprehensions fairly quickly and smoothly . And if a real stink was raised any strong opposition would be thoroughly quashed . It does not deny that it creates money at will with no presidential or congressional oversight . The Rothschilds made sure of that at its inception . Britain’s  Sunday Times stated on November 9 , 2009 that  “ Number 85 Broad Street in Lower Manhattan ( New York City)  is where the money is . All of it  “ . It also stated that this establishment was “ a political force more powerful than governments “.
            Wikipedia fascinated me in its seven page description of N.M. Rothschild and Sons on page 3 where they state ; “ The firm ( Rothschild ) competes against a wide range of investment banks , from conglomerates like Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan , to other M& A specialists like Lazard and Greenhill and Co.“ .   85 Broad Street is the working residence of the fourth Rothschild Baron Lloyd Blankenfein . He is a Jewish billionaire who is chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs whose owner is Lord Jacob Rothschild . Goldman Sachs , for one , is no Rothschild competitor at all , but is a main artery of the heartless Rothschild World Banking Monopoly .  Lloyd Blankenfein has reportedly stated ; “ I’m doing God’s work “ . Pharaoh was too although he was totally oblivious to the fact .
            Henry Paulsen once held Lloyd Blankenfein’s position at Goldman Sachs . As Treasury secretary he directed president George W. Bush as House had Wilson . Alan Greenspan , a Mason and also a FED Secretary led both presidents Bush and Clinton by the nose. Greenspan followed the dictates of Rothschild agent Joseph Schumpeter , a Marxist Harvard economist who espoused the communist / Masonic “ creative destruction “ that has been utilized to redistribute the major portion of America’s wealth into Rothschild pockets  . This has promulgated the altruistic Masonic mantra “ order out of chaos “ . In his 1942 book , “ Capitalism , Socialism and Democracy “ communist Schumpeter advocated “ creative destruction “ , (a rhetorical ruse of  financial tough love ) , heartily . So did Schumpeter’s protégé Alan Greenspan who used this communist catchphrase twelve times in speeches during his FED chairman reign . In a 1998 speech at Berkeley he said ,  the now discredited  Capitalism  “ is being torn down and rebuilt “ .  His yokefellow Schumpeter predicted capitalism to be replaced by socialism as did Marx and the Rothschilds . Schumpeter correctly predicted the term socialism would not be used regarding the “ Austrian Economics “ taught by Hans Sennholz and Ludwig von Mises in the 20th century . Rothschild molding of world governmental economics became dominant in universities and governments long ago .They arranged political , social and economic thought toward political correctness so closely monitored today .
            Bill Clinton’s Treasury Secretary  Robert Rubin was a former Goldman Sachs executive who guided the Clinton administration . President Obama’s Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner took orders from Goldman Sachs , as does Steven Freidman , chairman of the FED . Of course all Goldman Sachs connections to operation of the FED are merely coincidental .
            It was Goldman Sachs that caused the recent mortgage and real estate meltdown ,
catalyzed by trillions of dollars worth of worthless investments , selling them short and then later being rewarded $200 billion in insurance for lost revenue due to the crash that they knew they would cause . They are brilliant at profiting from every angle regarding monetary fiascos they themselves create . Madoff had learned a little something from them . When found guilty , unlike them , he was prosecuted . They know nothing can happen to them because they care not who makes the laws , for they control the money .
They backed both presidential campaigns of Obama and McCain . They have more influence over the rest of the world’s 175 leaders than most can begin to fathom . Not long ago they were charged with fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission which they themselves control . No harm will come to them . Now another Rothschild prophet , Peter Schiff is portrayed as a trustworthy “ Austrian Economist “ with a long history of amazingly accurate economic predictions . He pretends to be an ordinary Joe and says that his great grandfather was not the Jacob Schiff of Kuhn , Loeb and Co. , though his great grandfather’s name was Jacob Schiff . It is said of Peter Schiff that he is so popular people who like him are not concerned about his identity . He was raised in Manhattan . It is reported that there were two Jacob Schiffs who lived in the same city at the same time . The Rothschild Jacob Schiff ran Kuhn , Loeb and the other Jacob Schiff was a cabinet maker whose great grandson aspires to reconstruct the United States’ Cabinet . Peter Schiff’s economic philosophy is the same as socialist “ Austrian Economics “ . His identity on the net is obscured . Schiff says his father Irwin Schiff who is 81 years old is serving a 13 year sentence in federal prison for tax evasion and for leading a tax resistance movement . Oddly , this cabinet maker’s grandson of obscurity became president of the Euro Pacific Capital company . Like his good friend Ron Paul , ( who also calls himself an Austrian Economist ) , Schiff calls himself a constitutionalist . Schiff is a self-proclaimed Austrian Economist who uses the political Rothschild bait and switch tactic of pretending to hate the FED he wants to keep unregulated ; a dichotomous rationale to say the least . He blames America’s sloth for the global financial troubles . He believes the human race would be better off without the United States . Schiff says he was strongly influenced by Ludwig von Mises the Austrian socialist economist . He also likes Ayn Rand . He sells gold and suggests it be bought in large quantities , but not held in the United States . Under the Gold Reserve Act of 1934 the U.S. government made it illegal for U.S. citizens to own gold . Schiff says his contract with the government owned Australian Perth Mint assures delivery of physical gold and gold certificates held in the U.S. depositories to take delivery of their gold bullion . It is reported there is very little if any measurable amount of gold in U.S. gold reserves . It is reported that Perth Mint does not have enough supply on hand to cover a “ gold run “ . Australia’s Gold Corporation is the government entity controlling the gold bullion and it has the Rothschild right of defaulting on its promise to protect Australia’s currency currently in crisis . Like the FED, evidence shows the Perth Mint is selling “ paper gold “ ; only a PROMISE to pay .  Part VI of Banking Act 1959 allows Australia’s Governor General to confiscate gold and prohibit its private sale . Schiff’s fellow Austrian Economist Ron Paul similarly lauds the socialist views of Von Mises , Von Hayek , Rothbard and Sennholz . They both believe Austrian socialist economics should be studied by the young . Von Hayek had predicted the 1929 stock market crash years before , for which he received a Nobel Prize in economics . Some might have preferred he receive the prize for averting the foreseen disaster . He and Von Mises had worked together for the Vienna Chamber of Commerce and Industry from 1909 through 1934 spreading the Rotshcild socialist agenda around the world . Von Mises deceived people when he said government officials don’t have the knowledge to make millions of economic decisions every day better than the consumers themselves . but curiously Austrian economists like Von Hayek could predict the devastating 1929 stock market crash years in advance . Rothschild administrators look over 100 years into the future with a fair degree of accuracy because they help shape it  . It is fascinating they espouse the “eternal and absolute values and perennial justice “ , (socialist propaganda ) , to “ the Almighty “ whom they do not know . Von Mises suggests that a benevolent government should plan the lives of its citizens .
            Llewellyn  Rockwell of the Ludwig Von Mises Institute founded by Von Mises’ widow Margrit and fellow socialists Hayek and Murray Rothbard know that most people don’t understand communism . Rockwell said ; “ If you have communism , the rulers are poor too “. These liars know better . The richest men in the world have been communist dictators who were clothed delicately and live in king’s houses .
            Now the Rothschild quest for world control from Israel is beginning to be revealed . It is the Rothschilds who built Israel’s Supreme Court Building , provided they themselves would choose its location and the architects . Dedication to Dorothy de Rothschild Grove is engraved on the building’s outside masonry . More Masonry is discernible inside and out , including an Egyptian obelisk and a pyramid with the Egyptian eye of Horus and all the other world religions represented in various forms . This parallels the United Nations One World Religion now , but these “ false gods “ will later be expelled by the antichrist who will reign for three and one half years in Jerusalem .
            Israel is currently willing to allow Masonic pillars of Enoch to be publicly displayed . They will cause no spiritual stumbling for the entrance of the false Messiah . Eight of Israel’s Prime Ministers are / were Masons . They are / were ; David Ben-Gurion , Golda Meir , Yitzak Rabin , Shimon Peres , Benjamin Netanyahu , Ehud Barak , Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert . Ben-Gurion was also an avowed Marxist- Lenninist communist . Netanyahu stated publicly he was initiated into Masonry in the United States . Most Israeli religious figures and judges are Masons . Rothschild supported Hebrew University in Israel erected a Freemason obelisk in the courtyard . Four of B’nai B’rith’s Jewish founding members were Masons or Odd fellows ; Jones , Roadacher , Renau and Isaac Rosenbourg . There were actually 12 founders all of whom were born in Germany and had come to New York in the late 1820’s or 30’s . New York was designated as the permanent seal of the ruling body , the CGL , or , Constitutional Grand Lodge . Its early New York Lodge #1 still disseminates Rothschild propaganda . At least 51 American Grand Masters were Jewish , all under the unillumined eye of the blind Rothschilds , advocates of communism which infamous socialist Rabbi Stephen Wise equated to Judaism in 1935 . The B’nai B’rith established the Talmudic Maimonides Library in New York in 1852 . Its Masonic involvement in international affairs dates back to the 1870’s . It was present at the founding of the United Nations in San Francisco and continues to orchestrate major world control . It only wants to appear small and ineffective as does its dreamchild the United Nations . The B’nai B’rith is known as one of the largest Jewish , ( Rothschild ) organizations in the world . It formed the Jewish Anti Defamation League in 1913 through Rabbi Joseph Silverman . This was devised not only to fight anti-Semitism , but to educate the public about Jews . They had been caught spying on organizations hostile to them in 1992 by the FBI . The apprehended spy’s name was Roy Bullock  and his mission was to collect facts about Israel’s enemies . Facts were to be organized in files in L.A. and New York , and used for confidential dissimulation to the  “ active Jewsih community , which could be counted on to take “ counter action “ to neutralize or discredit these “ enemies “ “ . There will be no need for files with the Jewish ant-Christ; just a mark which Tim LaHaye in his heretical Left Behind series says you can receive and still be saved  ( “The Mark pp 352-355).
            The B’nai B’rith Jerusalem Lodge was formed in 1889 to unite Jews under the B’nai B’rith mantle . Other Israeli Masonic Lodges followed . They stressed the importance of learning the Hebrew language , as had the Ashkenazi Talmudic Jews stressed the importance of Yiddish being utilized to better ensure secrecy . They denied membership to anyone sending a child to a Christian missionary school .
            Modern Messianic Jews often promote education about the Second Temple , one of Masonry’s central figures . Jewish Masons also believe the satanic rituals of sacrifice to devils in their lodges are based upon King Solomon’s Temple . They enjoy the titillating secrecy , as did the Rothschilds . As a Mason you may discuss with anyone you desire Masonic material written down , but as in witchcraft , you may not discuss things that are merely spoken , upholding the Ancient Craft’s creed . Masonic Jews are
taught that the Kabbalah  and its classic book “ the Zohar “ are noble . Those noble ideas are the same as the ideals of the Rothschilds’ United Nations one world church articulated by Alice Bailey in her book  “ The Externalization of the Heirarchy  ,“ in which she foretold of the United Nations’ One World Religion composed of the false Christian church and its symbiosis with the ungodly Masonic Lodge . In some lodges the Koran , the Tanakh , and the Bible are closely juxtaposed on their altar , symbolizing unity which is biblically impossible .
            Masonic and non-Masonic Jews are looking for their  “ Prince of Jerusalem “, Zerubbabel , the last descendant of the Davidic line in Israel’s history who laid the foundation of the Second Temple in the 6th century B.C.  He is expected to restore Israel after establishing the Third Temple in the End of Days . He is mentioned in these occult pieces of literature which are readily accepted by Masons and occultists  ;  the Apocryphal Book 1 of Esdras ; Ecclesiasticus of Sirach ( 49:11 ) , and the Apocalypse of Zerubbabel printed in Constantinople about 1519 . Jewish Encyclopedia.com describes him as the King of Persia . Masonic Jews are looking for Messiah ben Joseph and Messiah ben David who will gather Israel’s children to march to Jerusalem setting up the Third Temple and his dominion there . According to this demonic story Armilus , ( Gog and Magog ) , will slay Messiah ben Joseph who will be resurrected by  Messiah ben David after Messiah ben Joseph lies unburied in the street for a while . Satan wants that biblical parallel for a reason . Alice Bailey quotes much of the New Testament in her books which deny Jesus’ deity and authority , falsely lauding him . The United Nations’ false Jesus will be this Jesus ; another that comes in his name . It’s way past time to find an “Old  King James Bible “  and read it for yourself . The New King James Bibles and all others have added to , deleted and twisted Jesus’ words . They cannot be trusted .
The Trinity Broadcasting System advocates use of these false Bibles and some of their false teachers either advocate Masonry or refuse to condemn it as did courageous president John Quincy Adams . Their charismatic bend is unwavering and unbiblical . That is why I plead with people to get a trustworthy King James Bible and hide its words in their heart . If you do that you will see that the allegations I have made in this short synopsis are true . Without reading and believing the Bible some will recognize it as truth . But without it , knowledge alone and their own efforts to save themselves apart from trusting in Christ’s blood to save them from the wrath of His loving Father who slayed him before the foundation of the world will be useless . His miracles testified of his deity . History doesn’t deny his miracles . It can’t . But if he has not touched you , you need his miraculous healing that only he can give by taking your sins away . Study the ten commandments . Have you ever broken one of them ? Surely you have . God said if you break only one commandment you would be condemned to hell for eternity .You can please God only by trusting that his Son died in your place , and by believing that he is God’s  Son you will have eternal life . That far outshines eternal death and hell which is the only alternative .  Trust him and you’ll see .     

            It is more than ironic the disproportionate number of  Jewish men and women in
President Obama’s administration . Here are some of their names and positions strongly influenced  by the Rothschilds ;

Chairman of the Federal Reserve - Ben Bernanke - Satanic Phi Beta Kappa member also
Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve – Donald Kuhn
Secretary of the Treasury- Tim Geithner
Director of the Office of Management and Budget –Peter Orzhag
Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors – Larry Summers
Chairperson of the Securities and Exchange Commission – Mary Schapiro
Chairperson of the federal deposit Insurance Corporation – Sheila Blair
Chairman of the Commodities Future Trading Commission- Gary Gensler
Director of the Office of regulatory Affairs – Cass Sunstein
Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service – Douglas Shulman
White House Chief of Staff - Rahm Emanuel
White House Medical Czar – Ezekiel Emanuel ( Rahm Emanuel’s brother )
Head of House Banking and Currency Committee – Barney Frank
Head of the Federal Trade Commission – Jon Leibowitz
Chairman of the Federal Communication Commission – Julius Genachowski
The President’s Chief Political Advisor – David Axelrod