Tuesday, April 10, 2012



There is no other organization as expansive and influential as the United Nations . Its policies of sustainable development have been setting the criteria for standards of life on earth since its inception . By its own admission its belief system is occultic .

I do not take heed to the works of current television soothsaying charlatans , but because the devil has revealed his hopes have been pinned upon the United Nations’ Theosophical esoteric blasphemies of Alice A. Bailey , I have given her works a close inspection . Through her occult work the United Nations has formed a one-world church , and  the one-world religion , as her own documented words will prove .

Most people believe the U.N. is ineffective , but it has been Satan’s foundation , preparing the world for his antichrist , as Christians easily perceive . Its mimicry  of the old testament ark of the covenant is seen in its  “Ark of Hope .”  Its self proclaimed “ Tower of Babel “ , and its demonic Temenos promotion of  “Healing , Peace , and Gratitude “, and excerpts from Alice Bailey’s books are still on their Lucis Trust websites .

Satan isn’t worried about the exposure a few Christians will reveal from the housetops , trying to warn people about his Plan to totally control the world through a false peace and a Utopian false brotherly love , uniting all the world’s religions. Since the industrial revolution and the invention of television his work has accelerated exponentially . He asks for prayer precipitating his arrival through United Nation devotees , and his , ( Alice Bailey’s ) ,occult  “ Prayer of Invocation .”  His idolatrous witchcraft has been inculcated into the malleable minds of several generations, primarily through television and movies . The charlatans are fast becoming today’s U.N.’s proselytized adepts . Not long from now witchcraft’s allure of psychic detectives and necromancers and miracle workers will become fairly standard , and their works will be acclaimed as good . People like these are in many churches now . These are the synagogues of Satan Jesus warned about in the first few chapters of the book of Revelation .

My desire is that you visit the websites I mention herein , or get the books I quote to see that my accusations are correct and well-founded .They are meant to be a warning to the unwary , hopefully guiding them away from the global occultism ensnaring the unwise .

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