Friday, April 13, 2012

John MacArthur's blasphemies

                               John MacArthur Hates Jesus’ Blood

Years ago I requested John MacArthur’s tapes he supposed would clear up the controversy pertaining to allegations that he had deemed Jesus’ blood to be of absolutely no value . Christians see through his demonic ruse . He seems buoyant and winsome . Looks can be deceiving . He is another of the boldest liars feigning Christianity . The following are exact quotes he makes on the tapes regarding Jesus’ saving blood .

 “ We cannot say that the very blood of Jesus’ physical blood is what atones for sin .”

“ there is no saving in that blood itself .”

“ there is nothing in the actual blood that is efficacious for sin .”

“ the Bible does not teach that the blood of Christ itself has any efficacy for taking away sin .”

“ not that the shed blood is the literal saving thing .”

“ there was nothing in the chemistry of His blood that saved us . “

“ he had the blood that every man has , and warned us not to get  “ teary –eyed “ regarding Jesus’ shed
   blood on the cross . "
“ it was not his death that was efficacious…not his blood .”

“ Jesus did not bleed to death .”

MacArthur said that Jesus’ blood fell upon the ground and dried up , remaining in the earth . MacArthur’s intent to deceive here is to make you think that Jesus’ blood is not in heaven now as God’s word says it is .

He also says that God’s word is a form of indirect guidance from God . Jesus said it is living and still direct .

The temerity of 20th and 21st century false brethren is astounding , but discernible .

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