Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Devil Wants to Keep You in Constant Fear

                         The Devil Wants To Keep You In Constant Fear

Jesus warned people , “ fear not them that kill the body and are not able to kill the soul , but rather , fear him which is able to cast both soul and body into hell, him shall ye fear .”

The devil wants you to disregard Jesus’ every word . He has subtly coerced  Christians to accept Satan’s worldly intimidations as an understandable part of life . Before television was invented , word of mouth , paintings , photographs , and the written word promulgated the devil’s brainwashing , which inculcates ungodly fear from cradle to grave . The earliest movies all but glorified gangsters , Dracula and murderers , though the gruesomeness was not as horribly detailed as it is today . Quarried into human memory banks , piling up mountains of dread  one pixelled shovelful at a time , remains his unneeded  depictions of sin Jesus doesn’t want you to mine . Sufficient to the day is the evil thereof . Vicarious involvement in murder and violence and rape and drug abuse does not promote godliness . Detective shows that reenact these things attempt to dignify the ingestion of sinful acts . Daily life exacts of us enough concern for the tasks we need accomplish .Television and internet brainwashing is conducted via feamongering manipulators who are happy to take your money as well as your soul .   

From the minute you get up in the morning the television showers you with forebodings of potential tragedy such as these ;  killer tornadoes and killer storms preceeded by waves of  killer bees with a killer instinct , dressed to kill with looks that could kill , hoping for a thrill kill , which attempt to pollinate killer tomatoes planted in the kill zone , in which  you’ll kill the lights with the kill switch and go and kill yourself , etc. etc. etc. which is overkill !  The power monopoly knows fear is the best motivator . Insurance companies and religious cults have reaped the benefits . But the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom . 

False teachers like Tim LaHaye who tells Christians they can receive the mark of the beast and still go to heaven are given prominence in television and  publishing . Communication has been Satan’s strong suit . Since his rebellion in heaven , his seduction of Eve in Eden , and until his ordination as the false Christ , lies have enabled his supposed dominance over the human race . He is not the King of  kings , but the prince of this world who possesses power and the ability to do lying wonders . Liars like Mr. LaHaye perpetuate the fear of being “ Left Behind ,”  into which most of the even non-Christian world has bought , including the U.S. government .  His ecumenical friends such as James Dobson , and D.J. Kennedy and the Trinity Broadcasting group of deceivers promoted Y2K fears , anticipating the world “ as we know it “ would be drastically changed after the turn of the millennium . All city and state and federal levels of government echoed their sentiments to a major degree through television programs anticipating potential chaotic subsequences .   

Now television news , programs and commercials keep you in constant dread you are not getting enough vitamins , or exercise , or medicine , or sleep . In their commercials the sleeping aids voice a disclaimer that use of their product may cause hallucinations , depression and suicide . Perhaps going to bed at ten o’clock without watching the evening news which assaults you with Satan’s handiwork du jour might enable you to
circumvent those risks . Then all you need worry about are fears of the government breaking into the wrongly identified home and killing your innocent family deemed suspected drug dealers by an entity with power to discern that allegation well in advance . If the misdirected SWAT team doesn’t relocate you, (if not eliminate you , )  the power of discretionary eminent domain very well may , and if that doesn’t do it , government bailouts for the auto industry and other unorthodox methods of swindling Americans such as divestment of retirement funds into total subservience now managed by socialist health care finally will .

Natural disasters will probably exacerbate before Christ returns . He said there would be signs in the heavens and the earth . Area flooding will continue to occur , but God said he would never again cause another Biblical loss of life by another world flood which he himself brought about because he could stand man’s sin no longer . It is hard for us to understand the tremendous grace under which God has allowed us to continue in our perpetual sin , as it is hard for us to comprehend he would come to earth and willingly be crucified to forgive those who believe that he took their place on the cross for their own sin .

Poetry and music glorifying suicide and death and human mistreatment will continue as it always has . Songs that included the words , “ killing me softly with his words “ enable the benign phrase regarding killing to seem acceptable , for after all , he is at least killing me softly . That is how Satan likes to kill people ; subtly and softly , depriving them of the truth of the word of God by replacing it with man’s sinful expression of his own innate rebellious nature portrayed as decent by  television network owners , and newspaper owners , and the butchers  and bakers and candlestick makers .  Movies and entertainment will enable the Biblical fulfillment of an earth filled with violence .      

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