Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Robert Schuller is not a Christian

                                         Robert Schuller Blasphemies

I have read seven of Robert Schuller’s books , including his autobiographical ,
“ My Journey . “  I also have read a book written by his wife and one by his son .
Most Americans have not done this and might be surprised to see that the quotes I cite below are from those seven books of his I ‘ve read . I’m sure there are many more , but these should be enough to convince Christians this man does not know Christ .

There is no firm final proof God exists .

If a person believes he is an “ unworthy sinner “ it is doubtful if he can really honestly accept the saving grace God offers in Christ .

People who say  “ I am a worthlerss sinner “ dangerously distort and misinterpret the Bible ; they are negative thinkers .  

Sin is the lack of self esteem . 

The central core of the human soul is not wickedness ; the human being is not totally depraved .

Classical Reformed theology’s definition of sin is too shallow .

Theology should be man centered , not God centered .

Fundamentalists declare orthodox theological dogmas .

Theologians can’t have the whole truth .

God gave the ten commandments to make us feel good ; feeling good is really living ; feeling bad is death .

God gives us life with the positive principles found in the ten commandments .

Pride is not sin .

The fruit of salvation is self esteem .

Hell is the loss of pride .

Faith is positive thinking .

You have the instinctive inclination to believe .

Our faith is a leap over chasms where proof eludes us … there is no direct link … there is no bridge .

We need a fresh starting point that transcends historical theological differences focused on the sacred right of every person’s self esteem .

Dr. Schuller said that he “ loves Christ too much to doubt God . “

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